So Michigan Republicans Don’t Like Lower Taxes

Apparently the Michigan GOP house has Republicans who want to keep higher taxes and higher spending.

At least some of them anyhow.

Sometimes you gotta just wonder why, when given the chance, some Republican lawmakers refused to consider the amount collected from the working class as too high. Especially given they operate under the banner which says:

I BELIEVE government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn.

By golly, that seems simple enough.

This is truly “the money they earn.”  Oh yeah, I suppose the “fiscal responsibility” component of that oft ignored screed might well provide an ‘out’ for any ausgespielt fiscal-moral compass by a GOP type, but its not as-if the state budget is going down, right?

The following HOUSE REPUBLICANS may be using the excuse that they wanted to see cuts in spending first, but given the insignificant amount of taxes being reduced upfront, doesn’t that itself reveal the expectation that they will not?

Afendoulis (R) Calley (R) Crawford (R) Garcia (R) Inman (R)
Lilly (R) Maturen (R) McCready (R) Pagel (R) Roberts (R)
Sheppard (R) VanSingel (R)


Last evening Ray Franz, the former state rep called and asked why conservatives weren’t on board with HB4001, reducing that tax to 3.9% and then dropping a little till we are dead.

The bill is simple enough to understand,, but as I told him, folks are having a hard time trusting Lansing’s political class.

He got an earful. 6 years with GOP control of everything. We have budgets that are $8 billion more, raised fuel taxes, gave taxpayer money to a failing school district, paid off Detroit debt, advanced progressive social goals with medicaid (welfare medical) funding, gave away our insurer of last resort, and an income tax decrease of a pittance is supposed to make it all better?

4.35% to 3.9% yeesh.

But when it comes down to it, should we really have to say anything?

Platform matters.  Its what makes a party believable.  But as I pointed out to the former legislator, too much has been done in the solidly GOP controlled years, that many of us didn’t engage because hitching our wagon to the GOP has found us more than disappointed too often.

Ray voted against the platform many times.  Even one time bemoaning the fact that he did on Facebook.

This time, we even have a GOP misfit crying about staying late to do the people’s work. See image to the right.

Sorry you weren’t able to tuck your pet gerbil in last night Dave.



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  7 comments for “So Michigan Republicans Don’t Like Lower Taxes

  1. Granny617
    February 23, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    What is so frustrating about this? I have not heard one word about cuts. There is so much waste in our government and these shills just shrug their shoulders and do nothing. If they would have been cutting all along instead of increasing the budget I could almost go along with keeping the income tax where it is for another year just to stabilize the budget from much needed cuts. But now I am just pissed! No cuts and no relief for working families. They are all a bunch of bums!!!

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    February 23, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    I LMO when I read Larry Inman's excuses on this bill on the Front Page of the "Detroit News" today.

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  3. Mark
    February 23, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    Such a small reduction in the income tax, and the arrogant jerks couldn't even throw us a few crumbs. Its pretty clear that they hold us in contempt.
    I sent my state rep, Kathy Crawford, an email today requesting a picture of her wearing the boots she wears when she puts her feet on the neck of the people. No response yet.

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  4. KG One
    February 23, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    I'm actually glad that this bill was defeated.

    No, I didn't down the kool aid and join the dark side.

    But what was Rep. Chatfield smoking when he proposed a bill that takes 40-years to fully enact???

    Team "r" has done a slam-bang up job with screwing us over.

    The repackaged Proposal 1 gas tax hike.

    The "temporary" income tax hike...thank you Mike Bishop for lying down on the job when that one went through!

    And why exactly do we have an income tax here in Michigan?

    Oh yeah! That's right!

    Some shemp who got brainwashed!

    On the plus side, this IS NOT the only bill to eliminate the Michigan Income Tax.

    Sen. Brandenburg's SB-4 will accomplish the same thing...but without the 40-year wait.

    Everyone should direct their energies there (and p.o. a certain "republican" governor in the process).

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  5. 10x25MM
    February 25, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    MIRS is reporting that RINO Rick called each of the 12 Republican House members, expressing his gratitude:

    Gov. Calls, Thanks 12 Dissenting Republicans
    "Twelve House Republicans may be shunned by their right-wing counterparts after voting down the caucus's income tax plan, but they have gained the favor of Gov. Rick SNYDER. "

    So the Michigan House now has a RINO caucus.

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