Seven Years Of Bad Luck

In advance of the State of the Union address MiGOP attempts to 'rally' the team.

mirror-mirror copyI received this from the Michigan Republican party yesterday.

Fair enough, it is the standard partisan preparation used when the opposing party has the soapbox.  Tonight, the president delivering the final state of the union speech of his tenure happens to be a Democrat, thus the Republicans must attack.   The co-conspirator who the GOP identifies is not Joe Biden as you will see, but Hillary Clinton, the former Bolshevik diplomat apparatchik of Obama, and the presumptive nominee of the Democrat party.

I take some issue with the presentation of this, as Obama and Clinton, and the Democrat party have done only what they have been allowed to do by Republicans. Our state Republicans included.  It begins:


In our ongoing effort to arm you with information, we are pleased to send you talking points on the failed policies of President Obama and Hillary Clinton in advance of the State of the Union address tomorrow. It is vital to our nation’s future that we point out of the failures of the Obama presidency and all join together to elect a Republican who can defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. As always, thanks for all that you do!

Naturally, the choir has assembled and is going to get its first sermon.

The stage is set; Obama/Clinton equal failure.  Don’t forget however, that we must elect a Republican who can defeat Hillary in 2016 (assuming she is not wearing stripes).  Of course this must be mentioned, as most certainly that person has not yet risen to the top of polling.  Yet.

It continues:

Tomorrow night marks President Obama’s final State of the Union speech. And once again, we can expect the President to make lofty statements and hollow promises, but all we have to do is look back on the previous seven years to see how much of a failure his presidency has been. It’s important to remember that Hillary Clinton wants to carry the Obama Doctrine into the future, and we must work together to elect a Republican that can defeat Hillary in 2016.

Emphasis mine.  As to the lofty statements, promises, etc.,  I will agree.  Allow me to add: Lie to our faces, spit on the constitution, verbally destroy what is left of free economics,  belittle wealth creators,  diminish our credit, trash our worldwide reputation further, race-bait, pander, and probably re-stripe his speed racer underoos, as THAT content will be a streaming mess from all orifices.

•    The Obama/Clinton foreign policy doctrine of “leading from behind,” has made our nation less safe.  We have had terrorist attacks on American soil for the first time since 9/11, our stance as a world leader has diminished under their lack of leadership, and the entire world is in greater disarray today than it was when Obama took office.

I should mention here, that removal from office is an option that has been available as an absolute since 2014.  Instead of something simple like that, Our own Republican congress critters voted to give him the ability to do more harm.

•    Under the Obama/Clinton administration, we saw a deal brokered with Iran that does more to advance the future and interests of Iran than it does to protect the United States and our allies. Even worse, while the rest of the world continues to sever ties with Iran, Obama and Clinton want our country to be an asset to them.

Here is the link again in case you didn’t see it the first time.

•    The biggest failure under the Obama/Clinton administration was the passage and implementation of the glitch-ridden and price-gouging Obamacare law. While Obama promised a new health care structure that increased coverage and lowered costs, we have been left with a troubled system, leading to major, national health insurers closing up shop and increasing costs for health insurance each and every year since it was implemented.

I’m glad they brought that up.

Indeed the biggest failure was Obamacare.  It has set the nation on a course that was only a wet dream for the most avowed communists until 2010.  Dear leader was able to effectively engage the IRS in health care with nary a whimper from the health insurance folks who may not realize, but their days are numbered.  And to follow it up, Republicans CRUSHED the Democrats in the 2010 election cycle in the house of representatives, mostly on the promise of repealing the nonsense that has since double insurance costs, and reduced the benefit for most.

Sadly, my/our own personal situation required a complete withdrawal from health care coverage.  You might call it a ‘donut hole’ of sorts.  Too poor to pay for the unadulterated crap that is available, yet doing well enough to pay a penalty for the privilege of being a natural born citizen.  We aren’t alone.

In the meantime of course, Michigan Republican Congressional members continue to fund the illegitimate junta known as the Obama administration.  Several budgets have passed and been used for he and his cronies to further abridge the constitution; all of which had Michigan congressional delegation stamps of approval.

•    We’ve seen both President Obama and Hillary Clinton act as though they are above the law. Whether its Obama’s continued attempts to govern through Executive Order or Secretary Clinton believing she doesn’t have to follow the law when it comes to her e-mails, we have seen time and time again that both Clinton and Obama think the law and rules don’t apply to them.

It really cannot matter enough apparently.  If its above the law, then ENFORCE the law!  Congress has all the tools it needs to shut this nonsense down, and its controlled exclusively by REPUBLICANS!  We should be putting the pressure on to REMOVE him before he does one more years worth of irreparable damage to our once great nation of states.

•    While we are fortunate to live in a state where jobs are returning, poverty is decreasing, incomes are rising, and the overall outlook is positive, many parts of the nation are still struggling under the long-lasting impacts of the Obama/Clinton agenda. Many states, and our nation as a whole, are lagging behind because of their tax-and-spend, big-government initiatives and failed foreign policies.

Yeah. Well..

In 2009 there were 4.9 million in the Michigan workforce.  Today (2015) there are 4.8 million.   Political pandering is fine, but outright lying to people must stop.  As for poverty decreasing?  The math has a lot of perspectives.  Given the reduced hourly numbers for those who remain employed, it is doubtful that the aggregate is actually better off.        And median Michigan household income in 2009 $45,994, and $52,005 a 1% yearly bump pitted against a 1.5% inflation rate for the same time?

I get the political message here.  Its always good to tout that our side will be better than their side in whatever issue that is the highlight of the day.  In 2017, there should not be a Democrat holding office if it was up for contest.  However, Republicans have hardly kept to their word and can no more be trusted to keep their word, and the proof is the fact that we still have Obozocare.

And to top it off, it was Michigan Republicans who dismantled our insurer-of-last-resort BCBS agreements, and enacted Obamacare in Michigan; a feat that now has legislators scrambling to discover new ways to tax us for its success failure. (pick your own way to say it. I did)

Indeed,  the wretched works both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have contrived are worthy of note.  The deceit and treachery our nation has endured is ‘biblical’ in its proportionality.

Yet maybe it is in our instruction manual where GOP leadership might look first.

Opening to John 8:7.



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  3 comments for “Seven Years Of Bad Luck

  1. KG One
    January 12, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    "Emphasis mine. As to the lofty statements, promises, etc., I will agree. Allow me to add: Lie to our faces, spit on the constitution, verbally destroy what is left of free economics, belittle wealth creators, diminish our credit, trash our worldwide reputation further, race-bait, pander, and probably re-stripe his speed racer underoos, as THAT content will be a streaming mess from all orifices."

    Jason, you do know that the current batch of our non-representing representatives, or even Gov. Haley, would just as soon soil themselves (with the notable exception of Sen. Ted Cruz) long before they even stepped up to the lectern to mention just one of your points above.

    And contrary to the hype, the new boss is acting just like the old boss when it comes to the task of fixing our republic.

    Oh sure. They've heard us now. They're going to use a reconciliation vote this time!

    Although losing the Mark Levin peachfuzz "beard" is an improvement, with the power of the purse, the House and Senate could've easily neutered Pres. B.O.'s agenda learned on the knee of Uncle Frank years ago, if they were so inclined.

    The fact that a truck driver like myself knows more about how our government is supposed to operate compared to the people actually in office is a disconcerting thought.

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    • Jason
      January 12, 2016 at 3:31 pm

      Amazing, aint it? Thanks for being a truck driver who pays attention better than our congress critters.

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    January 13, 2016 at 9:26 am

    Pondering all this for years--several things remain constant. 1. The solution is so black and white yet we're constantly intellectually insulted. 2. Why is it that their "solution" is always throw more money at it--but do ya notice, none of that money gets to my/your pockets. 3. There's an unnecessary bridge being built--for the life of me, I've been unable to figure this one out. Besides it being a direct link to the "superhighway" it wasn't suppose to cost us Michiganders anything. But Snider quietly gave Michigan assets to Canada. The whole exercise wasn't to benefit us, but rather to mesh together Michigan/US/Canada into some sort of NWO--but it won't cost you anything--please remember this. 3. Why is it that around 60 percent of us, can see this, we yell till we're blue and it still gets shoved down our throats. Ex: the 80/20 no vote on the gas tax and it's here. 4. I'm figuring that Congress has really done it now, because the putzers secretly "fixed" Social Security--which will screw more than 50 percent of us and this one act alone with get everyone moving. Keep your arms, you're going to need them. Let the Royal Rumpus Begin!

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