Setting the wrong priorities.


Some of the groups that I used to participate in when I had a little more free time, also involved some light maintenance and grounds keeping work. Those groups had an American Flag onsite and I would usually get chastised by other members (along with some neighbors) whenever I neglected to lower the flag to half-staff.

To Lansing’s credit, they eventually implemented a system in which they would notify anyone when the word came out to, which made this job a lot easier.

I’m no longer responsible for those duties, but still receive the messages and will pass the word along to those who are.

If anyone has been responsible for this, this has been, IMHO, overused over the past several years.

From my reading about it, it has gone from originally recognizing the passing former Presidents and major tragedies in our history (i.e. Pearl Harbor & 9/11) to literally anyone who catches the eye of the Governor while scanning the morning paper.

The last I’ve heard, there was talk of creating some specific criteria on when to order flags to half staff to honor significant events, but nothing has come of it yet.

Now here is where our story continues…

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When I went through my e-mails this morning, I received yet another message from the Governor‘s Office, this time announcing that flags be lowered this Friday within the state Capitol complex and within the 109th District for State Rep. John Kivela.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Rep. Kivela was a Democratic Representative who killed himself after getting caught for a second time driving drunk.

Obviously, I’m not a cheerleader for the democrats (or their agenda), unless they do something right for a change, which to be fair, they do on very rare occasions.

But, it’s also no big secret that I’m no fan for drunk drivers, especially serial ones and those who get caught “super drunk”.

This may not be considered PC by some. Some may consider it sacrilegious speaking ill of the dead.

Quite frankly, I honestly don’t care!

My point is this: What message does it send to honor someone whose own actions were the cause of their passing?

It is socially accepted behavior to acknowledge and mourn ones passing.

I just happen to draw the line at invoking what was one of the highest honors because of someone’s own self-destructive actions.

That should NEVER be the reason to honor someone.

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  1. Sue Schwartz
    May 12, 2017 at 8:22 am

    KG I agree with you re: flag issue. But Kivela's suicide exposes exactly the problem with not only our DUI laws but our whole traffic citation BS. First DUI's: alcohol is addictive and a depressant abuse of which indicates medical issues; yet treatment is not part of the solution. Throwing someone into the court system escalates the problem as witnessed by Kivela's suicide. Putting someone into the court system NEVER fixes the problem but does afford lots of costs and fines to be paid to the state for years; and someone facing this situation never fully recovers facing the government imposed trickle-down system (having a criminal conviction, fines to the SOS for years, and it's on your record for life). This usually results in loss of job, family, or life. How does this make us safer. We are a smart bunch and this is the best we can come up with?

    Secondly, our whole civil infraction traffic citation system is designed to trample constitutional rights and needs to be abolished. I read that a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of indigent defendants who cannot afford to pay excessive traffic fines, resulting in loss of driving privileges, criminal bench warrants, jobs, etc. Again, is this the best we can come up with?

    This government-imposed trickle-down system burdens society forcing all of us to pay. We would better serve our society as a whole, if we do not allow ANY beginning of that slippery slope toward chilling constitutional rights.

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