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Angst among the ‘faithful’…

Many of you may know that I have been actively assisting the Alan Arcand D1 primary campaign. Depending on your personal view of today’s Republican party, your reaction to these reactions from some of the establishment ‘unity’ pumpers will be immediate, and vehement. Someone on one side of the GOP fence or the other, had a very bad day yesterday. Mostly, Jesse Osmer…

There are two incidents of note here; one virtual, the other in face-to-face real time. The virtual incident was an exchange on FaceBook between me and Mr. Osmer. Osmer, if you’re following closely, is the Chair of the D1 Executive Committee; and a self proclaimed shill for Representative Benishek, as he proudly proclaims on his FaceBook page, a “life event”…His shared ‘timeline’ post yesterday morning of Dr. Dan’s PR on Right to Life’s endorsement of the good doctor came as no surprise to me; but, being who I am, I simply HAD to respond.

As Mr. Osmer spread the good word about our sitting Congressman throughout the virtual world, I had the opportunity to be the very first to comment on the link. I asked a simple question: Why then, does Dr. Dan vote to fund abortions? Aghast, Osmer responded with the following:

Jesse wrote: “Tom, I’m embarrassed for you if you actually believe that…Dr. Dan voted to repeal Obamacare partially and/or fully over 50 times. You want to claim that MI RTL doesn’t know what they’re talking about, go ahead…in the meantime, I’ll go to them for all issues related to legislation protecting life.”

I then responded with this question: Then why has he voted to fund Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare?  See my previous post: “For the Record”.

Today, I went to the link to check his response…the FaceBook machine informed me that the page “has been removed”…There is obviously no good response to that question from anyone on the establishment side of the GOP. The ‘follow up’ to this question came from none other than Alan Arcand at the annual UP “Spring Fling”. Here is the description of that exchange sent to me by Alan last night, as posted on his web page.


“Benishek Does Not Understand the Power of The Purse”

I attended the Republican “Spring Fling” for Dickinson county and got the chance to address a variety of subjects. One of the questions asked was how I was different from Dan Benishek. Part of my answer was that he lied to all of us while running a campaign of repealing and defunding Obamacare, and when the pressure was on he voted to fund it. After I had answered, the Benishek staffer got up and denied that he voted to fund it.

Benishek’s proxy at the event said that it was already funded by the previous Congress, and that he did not have the power to defund it. I called him on that statement, and told him that Congress has the ‘power of the purse’ and can defund anything they want. The staffer proceeded to shake his head and tell me that “Congress did not have that power”. By that time I was upsetting the crowd so I decided it was best to sit down.

Madison told us in Federalist Paper 58 that “The power over the purse may, in fact, be regarded as the most complete and effectual weapon with which any constitution can arm the immediate representatives of the people, for obtaining a redress of every grievance, and for carrying into effect every just and salutary measure.”

Mr. Benishek’s continued support of Democratic policies through his voting record to continue funding them are examples of his failure to uphold Constitutional principles and limited government. He has failed to vote to uphold the promises he made to the voters in order to get elected to Congress in the first place.


Congressman Benishek’s ‘proxy’ at the event…none other than…Jesse Osmer…

The Constitution and the principles behind it get plenty of ‘lip service’ during an election cycle. To those of us that have actually read these things, we see and understand the failures of government at all levels in a manner evidently foreign to those we elect to office, and their supporters. I ask the following question: Which of these sides actually represents us? For me, the issue is crystal clear, the government will protect itself, or it will protect the people…there is no middle ground. Pick your side; our future, and that of our offspring, depends on it.

We are running out of time…


Tom Backers

D103 Executive Committeeman

Kalkaska GOP Precinct Delegate

Kalkaska Tea Party Patriot Founder


Communications Director,

Committee to elect Arcand for Congress

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