Rizzo Environmental Services Bribed Clinton Township Trustee Dean Reynolds

And Who Else?

clinton-township-trustee-dean-reynoldsClinton Township Trustee Dean Reynolds was charged with bribery Thursday, in the U.S. District Court for Eastern Michigan. Rizzo Environmental Services allegedly paid Reynolds $ 50,000 – $ 70,000 in cash for his vote and influence on an $18 million, 10 year garbage collection contract. Reynolds is also alleged to have received free legal services from a Rizzo connected attorney in his divorce case.

Reynolds is a Hillary supporter, a gun control supporter, and an environmental supporter. Now living proof that you don’t need a gun to commit a serious crime.  As you read about this case, ask yourself why not one article mentions his political affiliation. Were he a Republican, his affiliation would be in every headline. Reynolds is an AFL-CIO toady now running for Clinton Township Supervisor in the November 8th General Election. The Metro Detroit AFL-CIO scrubbed their endorsement of him this morning, but they can’t change history:


The Free Press reports that the “FBI’s years-long investigation is expected to trigger criminal charges against numerous politicians in towns and cities across Macomb County who engaged in pay-to-play schemes with various developers and businesses. The Clinton Township case, sources said, is just the tip of the iceberg and numerous more charges will follow.”

Rizzo Environmental Services is under contract in a lot of communities outside of Macomb County in Michigan. Who else have they bribed?

weaver-clintonThe City of Flint should be at the top of the FBI’s investigation of Rizzo instigated corruption. Flint is in the middle of a ‘Mexican Standoff’ between Mayor Karen Weaver and most of the Flint City Council. Mayor Weaver selected Rizzo to replace Republic Services. Rizzo’s Flint bid was less expensive in its top line number, but sorely deficient in its offered services. Michigan’s lying media have touted Rizzo’s top line contract dollar number in defense of Mayor Weaver, but have been notably silent on the deficiencies in Rizzo’s bid.  And almost no one is talking about the $1.7 million consultant fee recalled former mayor Woodrow Stanley will allegedly receive from Rizzo.

Mayor Weaver has become a media celebrity for her outspoken advocacy of Flint in the wake of their water fiasco. Interestingly, she didn’t pay her own water bill until this morning, racking up a water bill in the thousands of dollars. More interestingly, Flint has only replaced about 250 lead water lines since March under their FAST program. Most interestingly, the cost of FAST water line replacements doubled estimates. This is State of Michigan tax money being spent.  Your money.

The Flint situation is murky, to be polite about it. Trash hauling contracts have a long and sordid history of corruption throughout the country. Rizzo Environmental Services has had a contract award winning streak since they were taken over by Kinderhook Industries, LLC early this year. They cleaned up in Macomb County, but they also won contracts in Detroit, Livonia, and Flint. Maybe their success is due to a capital infusion, but bribery might be their actual winning strategy.

Kinderhook just flipped Rizzo to GFL Environmental Inc. at the beginning of the month. GFL is a big Canadian outfit which has the obvious advantage of considerable insulation from U.S. law.

barbara-l-mcquadePolitical corruption destroys democratic government. Just as the U.S. Department of Justice and national media have excused Hillary Clinton’s career of corruption to spite Republicans and Donald Trump, Michigan’s law enforcement and media have ignored local corruption in Southeastern Michigan. Going back to Kwame Kilpatrick, all the major corruption cases in Michigan are being made by U.S. Attorney Barbara L McQuade and the FBI. The only exceptions have been the Gamrat/Courser charges and the Flint water aftermath, but both of those arose well outside of normal channels and would not have been pursued except for their Lansing political ramifications.

Michigan corruption may not have descended to the level of Hillary’s Illinois yet, but continuing inanition of the Michigan State Police and our Attorney General do not auger well. Higher taxes necessarily follow in the wake of political corruption. The baksheesh has to come from somewhere. Communities across Michigan are now being dunned for ‘garbage fees’ to cover costs which used to be covered by their property taxes. These ‘fees’ are a blatant violation of Headlee. But neither Michigan’s Attorney General or our media give a whit.

Illinois here we come.

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  3 comments for “Rizzo Environmental Services Bribed Clinton Township Trustee Dean Reynolds

  1. KG One
    October 14, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    Curiously, WWJ didn't mention his party affiliation after he got picked up yesterday afternoon, but to be fair, the democrat party connection is getting more mention as of this afternoon.

    What surprised me the most was that this little gem from County Exec. Hackel let out of the bag:

    "Hackel, a former county sheriff, said that he has heard of alleged corruption issues in the county with other public officials, but he did not name any officials."

    Politicians and corruption go hand and here in Macomb County like white on rice.

    It's just not something that is spoken of very much.

    Or, from someone that high up on the political totem pole.

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    October 15, 2016 at 7:14 am

    Trickle down corruption? This and more has been common knowledge for years and with first-hand knowledge of corruption complaints filed with the Macomb Sheriff and Prosecutor starting with Hackle and Marlinga involving Clinton Twp. Harm came and continues to come to anyone who sought relief. Prosecutor Steve Kaplan has been trying to escape the claws of this corruption for years and it appears he's finally been successful, soon to be elected West Bloomfield Supervisor. There are ties to the Macomb Corruption to Engler proving that it's just not HRCites. Remember it was the US Attorney who prosecuted Marlinga--on a complaint by Candace Miller. Remember Engler appointed Miller's husband to the Macomb Circuit Bench just hours after her election to the House. Candy and Judge Miller "retired" this year--Kaplan flees the county--and only then does the tip of the iceberg get prosecuted? Yes, Reynolds is guilty but the statute of limitations to bring down the rest of his co-conspirators has been exhausted--just like it did Marlinga. Yup no RICO here and life goes on.

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