RightMi.com Nov 6 Voter Guide

Our (probably not surprising) picks for tomorrow's big vote.

This ought to be simple enough.

Starting off with the premise that the Democrat Party has gone off the deep end, I will save a lot of you the time by recommending that none of those from the D brand are worthy of anyone’s vote.  The #PartyOfCrime has earned it’s hashtag, as well as a few more derogatory labels.

From the top to the bottom, it has defamed honorable persons on the national stage, to those locally deciding to not even show up.  Brett Kavanaugh was publicly abused in a frenetic way that has never before been seen. And locally, we have a Democrat county commission candidate who forgot to let folks know she was moving 80 miles away before the election.

Ya know, while I don’t like to get too serious about some things, I believe that when selecting those who represent us in our Republic, it means something.  Elections have consequences, and civil discourse is somewhat tough when dealing with those who cannot respect process or even take a leadership role seriously.

In any event, we start at the Governor’s race.

If you liked Jennifer Granholm blowing you away, you will love Gretchen Whitmer.  Whitmer, who decries those heartless big insurance giants, has received more money from said giants than anyone in Michigan history.  In fact while her mother was fighting one such giant for her insurance coverage in 2002, (according to a heart rending commercial)  daddy Whitmer was the CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Take it any way you want, something smells rotten there. Deception to pull on the heart strings of decent folk from the Democrat camp always works well, so why change strategies now?  And then there is her participation in the ‘vagina monologues’ from the capitol steps.  WTH is wrong with these people?

Add to this, the disaster that is Garlin Gilchrist her Lieutenant Governor pick?  Ugh.

Our Vote goes to Bill Schuette.

Any vote for an alternate will most certainly give Whitmer an edge in this tight race.  Lisa Posthumus Lyons seals the deal.  My original essay on why Schuette’s pick could have been better was about Grassroots support.  Having met Lyons several times now, I think the grassroots folk would be very happy.

United States Senate pick is clear. John James is our next US senator.

If he is not, then any future challenges to do-nothing Debbie would be a waste of time.  If the James surge and overall effort cannot unseat a woman who has wasted our money and time for 16 years in the US Senate, and 27 more in other legislative office, then frankly no future challenges could possibly work either.  A chance to elect the best Senate candidate we’ve seen in decades blown?  Ugh, again.

Congress. Vote for your Republican.  Yes, even Fred.

If you want to see all the Trump effort to stall and see more of the #PartyOfCrime mentality in action, then give the US Congress to the Dems.  Maxine Waters wants to impeach.  Impeachment is a political tool, and don’t think the Democrat mob will not use it.

Michigan’s next Attorney General will be Tom Leonard. and we think that is very good.  Don’t take it for granted, but ensure he has that percentage of ownage.

Leonard should (rightly) defeat Dana Nessel by about 12 points. In fact it should be as clear a repudiation of the ‘crazy’ that the Democrats offer.  Nessel is a train wreck, and this state hardly needs her adding her own bizarre element of entropy to our capitol that is already becoming a ‘Peyton Place’ of sorts.

For Michigan Secretary of State, we easily go with Mary Treder Lang.

Aside from the fact that Treder land has a sophisticated background of cyber security, that she has managed large organizational efforts, folks should know that Treder Lang’s opponent is arguably corrupt.  We busted her crony operation of election fraud upon the Michigan voters once.  We would hate to see her in charge of the operation that must have unquestionable integrity.

You don’t give the crook the keys to the safe.

State Board of Education. Easy votes for Tami Carlone & Dr. Richard Zeile.

Carlone is the better candidate to fight common core, but Zeile has defended traditional culture and opposed guidance that suggests gender is ambivalent. The Dems at this level are still trying to further mess with our kids’ heads.

University Regents?  If we cannot establish a conservative majority on its board, U of M should be mostly defunded.  It makes no sense that we continue to enable adult education/indoctrination in this form when we actually have control of the subsidies. Andrea Fischer Newman and Andrew Richner will get our vote.

As for MSU? – Dave Dutch.

Wayne State – Diane Dunaskiss and David Nicholson

The Michigan Supreme Court nominations by the Republicans were Wilder and Clement.  We would suggest that Clement represents the other side of the aisle, and hope to see her tenure ‘quickened’ by this vote.  Clement can be largely blamed for the disaster that is proposal 2, and a questionable opinion favoring school gun control efforts.

For Mi Supreme Court we recommend Kurtis T. Wilder, and Kerry Lee Morgan.

Finally, each of the proposals are a disaster.

Prop one is a NO from this writer, though is is not a hill I am to die on.  Aside from the addition of way too much language in the constitution, the danger of promoting hallucinogens as a recreational alternative to reality is not so good an idea, OK?  You want to vote for it? Go ahead, but understand we WILL have consequence.

The libertarian side of me sez if you want to destroy brain cells, reduce motivation, and suffer unknown log term effects from what is not your daddy’s THC, its your choice.  The conservative side of me says please do NOT tell me I am a royal bastard for my unwillingness to pick up the pieces of your life from your bad choices through expanded government.

Prop 2 is a no.  Especially is the election fraudster Jocelyn Benson is our SoS  We have had many posts on this site explaining why.

Pro 3 is ALSO a no. It is almost literally a license for Democrat party fraud. Checks and balances removed, and permanence of election law enshrined into the constitution.  A bad thing it shares with proposal 2 in fact.

You know your local candidates better than I do.

For State Rep and Senate races, just understand who the #PartyOfCrime is, and vote accordingly.  Democrat #Mobs are empowered by gains in these elections.  Feeding their indignance and unruliness is not an option.

Have fun tomorrow and stock up on the popcorn.



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  1. KG One
    November 5, 2018 at 10:26 pm

    I'm honestly surprised at how quickly they were able to get Clement signs to the local counties (where the overwhelming majority of them still sit gathering dust), but it took them nearly forever and a day to have any Wilder signs ready.

    Why is that?

    Having said that, I wouldn't trust Jase Bolger to chair a Shriner's Convention, much less another Republican State Meeting anytime soon..

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