Rick did say “We Work In Dog Years”

When considering the many consequences of a term limited Governerd, and his unfettered ability to implement a Progressive agenda due to his reliable Generation X underling presiding over the Senate, the Tweet above links to a worthy reminder of what happens when the alleged Conservative facade of Brian Calley is removed.

Progressivism_Woof_WoofNot to mention Calley’s recent “toss ’em a bone” smugness on display in Jim Thienel’s manufactured Oakland County debacle, as if he’s already got the nomination in the bag.

That’s a fact, folks.

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  1. Kevin Rex Heine
    August 19, 2014 at 8:38 am

    Other than having the nomination in the bag (believe it or not, not a given right now), there may be another reason that the Nerd Prince said what he said.

    I don't question for one second that all of the establishment-preferred candidates for contested races this Saturday were given the county-by-county delegation lists first thing Friday morning (while their anti-establishment opponents have been struggling to build usable whip lists from piecemeal intel). My bet is that Calley, or one of his strategy consultants, snagged an "unofficial copy" of the master delegation list, did a cursory head count, and promptly realized two things:

    First, that the establishment squeezed maybe 20 or so pro-Calley voting delegates into the Oakland 11 delegation. Forcing Oakland 11 to re-do their convention pretty much means that those 20 seats will be flipped.

    Second, that the reality is that this nomination challenge is much closer than the establishment is willing to admit in public, close enough that those 20 votes could make an actual difference.

    So maybe, just maybe, someone on the Calley campaign team realizes that a challenge to Oakland 11 is very likely to backfire . . . badly.

    Or course, without actually looking over the oracle's shoulder, we'll never really know.

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