Rick and Ron

Rightmi.com readers cannot say they were not informed: http://rightmi.com/old/www.rightmichigan.com/story/2013/10/18/10462/218.html

Yep. Just another page in Rick Snyder’s *culture* of corruption

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  1. JD
    December 7, 2014 at 6:37 am

    Our side's inability to field candidates state wide is one thing.
    Our side's unwillingness to expose/RUN ON the most egregious of issues when the time comes (see this November) not to mention immediately 'BEFORE' election day (see multi-billion dollar "no vote of the people required" self-interest/hands off issues here: :http://michiganvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=146854 )...is quite another.

    David Eggert | AP
    Michigan Senate votes to authorize sale of Farnum building
    December 5, 2013
    Lansing — State senators authorized the potential sale of their downtown office building on Wednesday, drawing criticism from a top Democrat who alleged **a secret deal already has been struck to move into nicer offices nearby.**
    The legislation, approved 22-14 primarily with Republican support, would let the Senate secretary sell the state-owned Farnum building for fair market value, with proceeds going to the Senate to acquire or lease office space. The 1959 building near the Capitol houses most senators’ offices and some committee rooms.
    Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said it needs extensive work to remove asbestos, upgrade security and heating/cooling and make other improvements. It could cost a “scary” $24 million to upgrade the building, so it may make sense to sell it and lease other space, the Monroe Republican said.
    But Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, an East Lansing Democrat, told the Associated Press in a phone interview that a behind-the-scenes deal may have already been done.
    The Senate would sell the building to developer Ron Boji, she said, and broker a lease-to-own agreement to move into the nearby Boji-owned Capitol View building that opened in 2005. State Department of Community Health employees in that building would be moved to another building for which the state already is paying rent, she said.
    (...fast forward to today...):

    If every candidate for our side isn't asking every candidate they're running against to explain votes such as these and what is exposed every day up here on RightMI...more than likely the opportunity to actually 'win' might never present itself again.

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