REVEALED—Monica Palmer Denigrates Pro-Trump Election Officials to Fake News Media

There has been a fake news hit piece circulating over the past few weeks maligning the efforts by patriots across our state to put pro-Trump Republicans on various county board of canvassers.

The most recent one comes from Daily Beast, where I and other patriots are quoted and demonized for our opposition to election fraud and our unwillingness to submit to the narrative that the 2020 vote steal was on the level.

These hit pieces against the election fraud reform movement in Michigan are being produced because former Wayne County board of canvasser Monica Palmer approached fake news reporters with text messages and other information out of sour grapes over not being re-nominated to her post for another term after certifying the fraud election last year.

Additionally, Monica has made it clear that she believes she was entitled to stay on in her post regardless of her performance. In a recent radio interview, she maligned efforts to get pro-Trump Republicans appointed to county board of canvasser positions across the state, arguing that the entrenched bureaucrats who have been in charge and allowed fraud to happen unabated for years “had the experience” needed, casting doubt on the ability of pro-Trump Republicans to perform in the role.

“This is exactly what it looks like. There are people within the state party who are getting rid of any canvasser who isn’t towing the line of we need to stop everything,” Palmer said, defending her decision to certify last year’s fraud election.

“To find out they’re doing this across the state, what other motive would there be?” Palmer said, whining to the liberal media that new appointees to county board of canvassers across the state will object to fraud elections in the future.

“There are a couple of canvassers that are potentially going to be replaced who have been on the board of canvassers for over ten years. Election law is tricky. There’s a lot to it. There’s an educational process,” she said, defending entrenched bureaucrats being reappointed to their posts regardless of performance.

“And if you pay attention to the special election in May this year…we and the Democrats on the Wayne board of canvassers worked together. We had a couple of tricky questions we had to work through. We deliberated. We worked together and had civil conversations. We took advice from our legal team and ended up coming to a 4-0 conclusion,” Palmer said, talking up her relationships with corrupt Wayne County Democrats.

The entire situation, including Palmer’s deliberate misrepresentation of the law to liberal media talking heads, is explained in detail in this Rescue Michigan podcast beginning at the 34:37 mark with Monica featured in her own words denigrating the pro-Trump Republicans who are being placed onto canvasser boards:

When Palmer was crying to the liberal media, what she failed to mention is that the “Wayne County district chairs” run glorified clubs that have no standing under the law. There is no ambiguity in this matter, and the confusion was created by Palmer herself in an attempt to salvage her unearned and undeserved position of government authority. In addition, 13th CDRC chairman David Dudenhoefer, whose district is fully encompassed in Wayne County, worked with three other CDRC chairmen (11th, 12th, 14th) to replace Palmer. This was a triumph of accountability, and Palmer’s desperate and pathetic actions demonstrate that to be the case.

Anyone who has bought Monica’s sorry excuses that she was a victim and accepted a deal with the Democrats for an audit has been duped. She very well may have made some deals with Democrats as she certified the fraud election, but it wasn’t to secure any audits. Now, she is out in the liberal media trashing the pro-Trump GOP to anyone who will listen because she felt she was entitled to her position on the board of canvassers regardless of whether or not she performed her duties in an acceptable manner.

Meanwhile, Robert Boyd (the individual who was selected to replace Monica Palmer on the Wayne board of canvassers) is in the media telling the fake news that he will NOT certify any fraud elections in the future and that he will use his authority to stop any election rigging when it comes to a vote. Boyd’s appointment should give solace to all the Michigan Republicans who were victimized by last year’s vote steal, and it shows how grassroots bottom-up leadership can make a difference. Culpability for failed government officials like Palmer is going to become the new norm in the America First GOP, and the consensus decision to flush her from her position sets a great example moving forward. 

Palmer’s behavior has justified my initial reaction after she certified the fraud vote. She is a coward who folded when we needed her the most, the worst example of a RINO imaginable. Allowing her to masquerade as if she is anything but a coward and a traitor is not helping our efforts to stop election fraud. In fact, it makes us all look like a bunch of clowns who are weak, easily manipulated, cannot be taken seriously. If we can be hoodwinked by someone as mediocre as Palmer, that does not bode well for our ability to take on Democrats and globalists who are actually formidable.

Any GOP or patriotic organization that hosts Palmer and allows her to spew her victim schpiel deserves to be shunned from this point forward. There is no excuse, no benefit of the doubt that can be given to her. Palmer failed her country when she had the opportunity to lead and now she has become an enemy of the America First GOP that is used by the liberal media to undermine our reform efforts. She has proven through her own actions that all enmity toward her for certifying the fraud election was well-earned. Accountability in the Republican Party and vote fraud reform movement begins with Palmer becoming a pariah.

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  4 comments for “REVEALED—Monica Palmer Denigrates Pro-Trump Election Officials to Fake News Media

  1. Jason
    November 1, 2021 at 9:21 pm

    Props to Dude.

    The certification of that election was canvasser malpractice.

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  2. sue schmidt
    November 2, 2021 at 2:50 pm

    It had to be said Shane. Coward is too meek.

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  3. Donald Trump
    November 3, 2021 at 1:45 am

    What about the other Republican traitor William Hartmann? He needs to go next

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  4. KG One
    November 3, 2021 at 7:26 am

    I agree with the sentiment, just not for the reasons cited above.

    Her problem ls not so much her support of Pres. Trump, but in the sheer level of gullibility she displayed in the "word" of democrat board members. She actually believed in the "promise" that a democrat clerk would actually provide a legitimate audit.

    He didn't care that he made a promise with no legitimate method of following through. Team-d even rewarded him handsomely for his duplicity.

    The racist card is a tried-and-true (and yes, very tired) stratagem employed in Wayne County even to this very day.

    Being a Wayne County politician, she should've known better!!!

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