Ready to play ball now, Heartwell?

Readers of Right Michigan are probably keenly aware of George Heartwell’s flagrant disregard for state law and the 2nd Amendment.

The city of Grand Rapids (and now the City of Jackson as well) is getting taken to task in the Western District (the Jackson case is being handled in the Eastern District) for promoting policies, customs, and ordinances that are illegal under state statute (MCL 123.1101 – 123.1105).

The unfortunate thing about this is that unlike TCAPS, the taxpayers are probably going to be on the hook.

Well, that may change.

Rep. Tom McMillin dropped a bombshell yesterday at the 2nd Amendment March. He announced the introduction of House Bill 5500 – a bill developed in conjunction with the Michigan Open Carry legislative team (Phil Hofmeister, Tom Lambert, and myself) that will hold elected AND appointed officials (read: law enforcement) PERSONALLY liable for a knowing and willful violation of Michigan’s firearms preemption laws.

Basically, if this bill passes, Georgie boy and his ilk could not only be liable for a $5,000 fine, payable by him, but could also face a misdemeanor as well. How do you like that? If this passes, you might as well be playing russian roulette with a 1911.

I would like to personally thank Rep. McMillin, as well as the 16 cosponsors, for taking the first steps in helping hold local officials accountable for violating Michigan’s Firearm Preemption statute. Also, insert obligatory blurb about contacting your legislator and asking them to support this bill.

While I am a Sysadmin and member of the Michigan Open Carry legislative team, any snarky, off-color commentary that may be above doesn’t necessarily represent that of Michigan Open Carry, Inc or its membership. Well, except maybe Phil, he can be just as snarky too.

You Betcha! (9)Nuh Uh.(2)

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