Protecting The Brand

We have an opportunity to clean up the way in which Republican candidates are selected.

This weekend the Michigan Republican State Committee will likely vote on a motion submitted by Tom McMillin to rescind the Open Primary rules that were passed last year.

Generally, many of us who are still in the GOP have decried the corrupting influence of those who could give a rats ass about the platform; a platform which is perfectly reasonable if it was honored.   A couple days ago, Tom wrote to state committee members

Dear fellow State Committee members
Attached is an FAQ regarding rescinding the Open Primary rules passed by the prior state committee.

This year’s state committee, not last year’s, will administer next year’s primary.  We should not shrink back from that responsibility.  It’s clear that Republican activists are tired of people outside our party influencing the primary process, especially when casting votes.

I think it would be wise and healthy for us to reset the table, discuss and debate the options and have the current state committee come to a conclusion.

Tom McMillin
8th District Chair

I don’t have a copy of the FAQ at this time, but have learned to trust McMillin’s instinct on items like this.

And frankly, we’ve seen the damaging effects of the corrupting influence.

Grassroots Republican conservatives across the state should for once be united in their opposition to the open Primary process. And right now this should not be difficult. We stopped Proposal 1 by telling the establishment that we didn’t want higher taxes. Now the grassroots can stop Democrats from voting in the Republican Primary by encouraging the Policy Committee and the Michigan Republican State Committee to rescind their Open Primary rules.

numbersThe first vote will be THIS Saturday in the Policy Committee, of whether to send the McMillin motion to the State Committee and allow the State Committee to vote.

As delegates might recall, several members of the Michigan Republican State Committee, and Policy Committee, campaigned for our support in District Caucuses on the basis of repealing the Open Primary and finally giving Michigan a Closed Process.

Unfortunately, some of those people who asked for the grassroot support are now getting weak in the knees under pressure from the typical bad actors. As usual, readers and authors will closely follow this matter and take note of people who vote for the open primary are held accountable the next time they run for party office.

Please contact the Policy Members of the Michigan Republican State Committee and let them know that conservatives expect them to vote on rescinding the Open Primary rules, and certainly don’t block the State Committee from having a right to vote on this matter.

The committee contact info is in the image (done as an image so the spambots don’t farm them)

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  2 comments for “Protecting The Brand

  1. GOP
    May 7, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    What happened to the provision of the bylaws that required State Committee members to file disclosures if they work in politics? Several of those are the policy committee work directly in politics as their day job. This was passed a few years back. Where are the disclosure forms?

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  2. Republican Michigander
    May 7, 2015 at 11:40 pm

    Personally, I support a caucus, then a closed primary in that order.

    I don't like the open primary, and a convention would be an absolute nightmare.

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