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Just another Facebook warrior report.

I placed a post at Jack Bergman’s Facebook feed yesterday.

While the honorable General Bergman is likely too busy for such things, the leftist trolls are alive and well, and looking to protect the legacy of failed obamanomics.  One millennial in particular, posting

Aaron Steppe Don’t get it twisted”

he was of course presenting the unadulterated view of his valuable and worldly knowledge.

In this case it was a document that could not be anything but truth! In this case it was the presentation of Michigan’s Medicaid expansion plan as a savior to our economy. Intellectual gobbledygook that does what all such socialist promotions do, extol great virtue while ignoring the debit in the equation.

But  as things on FB go, it became a thread unto it’s own.  Complete with a few participants and the expected back and forth while academia’s trained monkey defended ‘the great leap forward.’

Jason Gillman It looks great for 3-4 years. We knew this. Then the hammer falls.

What a an incredible disaster for Michigan taxpayers!

Cory Dean None of it looks great….

Mr. Dean was correct actually.  But I digress.

Aaron Steppe “During this period, estimated additional employment associated with increased Medicaid spending peaked at over 39,000 jobs in 2016 and is projected to decline to approximately 30,000 jobs in 2021. About two thirds of these jobs are outside the health care sector, because of two factors. First, about one third of Healthy Michigan Plan spending represents preexisting spending by the state, employers, and individuals for which the federal government is assuming responsibility, thus freeing state and private resources to be spent in other ways. Second, about half the jobs created by the macroeconomic stimulus arise from the multiplier effect as new spending spreads through the economy. During these years, the increased personal income associated with new employment is expected to be relatively stable, at $2.2 billion to $2.4 billion per year. The added economic activity is projected to yield approximately $145 million to $153 million annually in new state tax revenue.

This additional state tax revenue offsets nearly all of the state’s projected new spending for Medicaid expansion in 2017 and about 37% of these costs in 2021. After further accounting for the projected $235 million in annual state budget savings for mental health and other programs arising from Medicaid expansion and up to $200 million annually in state taxes and contributions from health plans and hospitals,3 we found that the state costs of Medicaid expansion will be fully covered through 2021 (see table) and are very likely to be so in subsequent years as well.”

Jason Gillman nonsense

Karen L. Paulus Common Core math I presume

If there is no other reason to appreciate ‘common core’ it is that it at least provides a bogeyman for all things illogical.

Aaron Steppe Show me a peer reviewed article from a respected journal of medicine that corroborates your assertions and we can agree to disagree. A man is entitled to his own opinion; he is not entitled to his own facts 🙂

Jason Gillman basic economics. Medicine is not economics.

Aaron Steppe Healthcare economics is an entire field of economics. And multipliers are an introductory macro concept. Try again.

Jason Gillman NO. What you and Mao, and Lenin, and all the other big government ‘planner’ types don’t understand is all the negative ‘micro’ happenings at the same time. What happens to other folk who don’t share the ‘win’ and are paying for your academia premised fantasy

(minimized) losses, I call bullshit.

Its not all mr happy goodtimes when someone puts a gun to your head to promote your form of government oriented theft.

But for the sake of argument, IF your peer reviewed screed WAS A GOOD THING and actually accurate. Does it justify the theft that must occur first? And if you don’t buy the premise I describe as “Theft,” does it justify the use of government FORCE to remove from some to provide such economic benefit?

Then, if you could, provide some place objectively, where the balance lay, please? How many put out to balance utopia? what is the harmonized condition?

And just for the fun of it..…/ObamaCare-Expansion-is-Shattering…

They are out there folks.

The second handers who cannot abide self reliance and liberty.  Those who think that government force equals economics.  Who believe in equations that have only one side.

For them, there is no equal.

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  3 comments for “Peer Review

  1. 10x25MM
    March 24, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    Mr. Steppe's argument is just an expression of the 'Broken Window Fallacy' which was first detailed by Frédéric Bastiat in 1850. He is ignoring the costs of all that health care spending which he lauds. Not just the obvious taxes and debt, but all the other opportunities foregone by society.

    Why Obama's massive stimulus and deficits never produced a year of 3% GDP growth.

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    • Jason
      March 24, 2017 at 6:39 pm

      As FB goes it continued well after this post. He recruited some local lefty pals to make him feel good.

      LOVE Bastiat BTW.. Few people today can improve upon his ability to present convincing moral/economic arguments.

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    March 24, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    I cannot help myself--I sent a simple note to Congressman Bergman at 2:30 Alabama time--"My 2 Cents: Any bill with any tax credit or penalty please no no no. What's wrong with repeal--let the insurance companies fight it out". It musta worked cause by 5p.m. Bama time, the bill was dead. Paul Ryan's cocky arrogance and trying to one-up Trump was really fun to watch. I hope ya'll (Bama Talk) repeal PERIOD. There's no replace necessary--and ain't it gonna be fun to watch how the states get along. I envision all kinds of creative alternatives like clinics taking no insurance but rather it's patients pay monthly whether they use it or not. Medical co-ops, unlimited medical accounts and all kinds of really good types of ideas.

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