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Isn't It Amazing That This Must Be Explained?

nuts-boltsWhen placing a nut on a bolt, there is an axiomatic reality that must be observed; two nuts don’t go together, and likewise neither will two bolts.

Its not a function of discrimination, or the hating of the thought that no two similar pieces of hardware unite, but rather a simple fact that bolts require a nut to function properly, and conversely the nut needs a bolt.  The hardware is designed to mate and perform a function.  And because bolt on bolt action doesn’t work, doesn’t mean that those same Bolts cannot find a matching Nut.

Nut on Bolt is still perfectly legal and allowed by design.

Bolts can accompany each other, and in fact so can Nuts! Also either one can be bagged together in all number of multiples with others of their type, but the primary function is never realized until ONE Nut is ‘married’ to ONE Bolt.

I suppose someone could file a lawsuit to have bolts married to bolts, or nuts to nuts. However, it still doesn’t make it possible. Even if ‘rights’ were assigned for Nuts to mate with Nuts (or Bolt/Bolt) the reality is that those ‘rights’ could never be realized.

No lawsuit is necessary to realize that there is no inequality being imposed on either the Nut OR the Bolt.  ONE Bolt is still able to seek out its matching Nut, and vice-versa. No equality has been violated.  Nothing prevents the defined pairing, so the equality issue is a moot one.

Natural law says Nuts and Bolts are made to bond.


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