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Call me the eternal optimist.

Folks need to look at recent events with a little different perspective.  At least the folks who hold ALL the power right now.  There are good outcomes that are possible if the GOP collectively gets its head straight.

Our federal spending is bloated, and perpetually deficit ridden.  Federal government shutdowns provide an insight into what is truly important to the general population, and leadership.  It can also be used as a character test of those who claim certain positions (ie: being against Obamacare, cutting welfare, illegal immigration cost) during voting events.

There is nothing that holds the GOP held Senate to the 60 vote limitation used to provide cover for the shut down.  Democrats, if ever they hold power again, would sidestep the rule so fast it would make the obamacare passage mechanics look amateurish to accomplish their stated goals of totalitarian socialism.

Military, ports, courts, borders, and federal highway systems are primary needs.  State welfare subsidies,housing, education, federal property ownership, environmental interference, business manipulation (cronyism), and personal medical insurance practices are not.

Start with the federal defunding of California, and make Michigan a close next.

If GOP ideas are good, put them in place and let the results speak for themselves.  If some legislators express an inordinate amount of fear about blowback, then we know where our weak sisters are, and they can be replaced ..now.

The #SchumerShutdown is the time to move forward and demonstrate the inadequacy of the Democrat philosophy to provide a constitutionally based operating plan that offers maximum state and individual benefit in the longer term.

It is an opportunity that ought not be missed.

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  1. KG One
    January 22, 2018 at 7:52 pm

    I’d like to not be as much of a pessimist when it comes to Congress, Jason, but when will we see them finally adhering to the philosophy they claim to believe in?

    Mitchell & Bishop’s offices cranked out standard PR fluff talking points this weekend on the CHIP Program. Trott couldn’t even be bothered to update his website in over two months focusing lastly on FGM.

    We shouldn’t even be having this debate right now!

    To the best of my knowledge, the last time that Congress passed a real bona fide budget was back in ‘15.

    Ever since then it’s been limping along since then from CR to CR.

    If Congress had only done it’s job last year, we wouldn’t be discussing whether or not foreign nationals living in America without authorization for decades (colloquially known as illegal aliens), are entitled to amnesty.

    Instead, we should be reading about how many miles of The Wall have been completed.

    Instead, we should be reading about insurance companies getting back into the business of providing health insurance that Americans want, with the burden of Americans paying for other Americans who won’t pay for insurance themselves, done away with after the repeal of Obamacare.

    Instead, we should be reading about one HRC doing the perp walk.

    President Trump even said so himself.

    And the latest CR lasts for less than three weeks?!?


    Even Ms. Romney-McDaniels would have a hard time arguing that this a party that is remotely interested in making decisions based upon stated principles.

    This is a group of rank amateurs acting like they know what they're doing solely for the sake of impressing the rubes.

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