Oh no! This doesn’t look too good.

With County leaders going off-script and not following the established speaking points. When your (possible) PR-firm goes and takes a page from the Coleman A. Young (The First) Playbook and employed a time-worn (and easily recognizable) tactic which hopelessly backfired. When The Bridge Magazine (of all people), comes out and tells people that the latest iteration of mass transit, the Q-Line, over-promised its potential and hilariously underperformed when it comes to paid ridership and maintaining schedules. Now comes the Michigan Legislature throwing yet another log on the fire that is the RTA.

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Catching up in the activities up in Lansing from last week, Michigan State Representative Jeff Yaroch (R-33) introduced HB-5870 which will allow individual municipalities to opt out of the blatantly obvious shakedown known as the Regional Transit Authority (RTA).

When interviewed in The Detroit Free Press recently, Rep. Yaroch had this to say regarding the RTA:

“Many in my district have communicated to me that they’re feeling that the plans aren’t beneficial to northern Macomb County,” he said. “This doesn’t stand in the way of the RTA (Regional Transit Authority) from putting it on the ballot, but an individual community should be able to opt out.”

Well said, Representative!

Let those who want the RTA, pay for the RTA out of their own pockets.

The bill was been sent to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on April 24, 2018 for approval. It currently has not been scheduled a hearing.

Michigan State Representative Jeff Yaroch – R33

If you’d like to send a message to Rep. Yaroch, he can be reached via e-mail at: JeffYaroch@house.mi.gov

Or at his office line: 517-373-0820

Michigan State Representative Triston Cole – R105

Triston Cole (R-105) is the Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He can be reached via e-mail here: TristonCole@house.mi.gov

Or at his office lines: 517-373-0829 or 855-DIST-105

If you happen to reside within Southeastern Michigan and fall under the potential ominous shadow of the RTA, I would highly urge you to contact your state representative and senator and tell them to support HB-5870 when it come to the floor for a vote.

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