Oh, if that were only true.

Jason beat me to the punch on the whole 2016 SOTS speech tonight.

I don’t like to admit it, but I’ll watch it (recorded earlier in the night) just so that I would have something to talk about later in the week whenever the subject came up.

Unlike Pres. B.O.’s SOTU, in which the best description I’ve heard of it so far was 45-minutes of clinical textbook narcissism on public display, Gov. Snyder’s SOTS speeches are a good indication of what tricks the CPA with the MBA has up his sleeve.

Just like Pres. B.O.’s SOTU’s where he references himself so many times, it practically has become a drinking game, Gov. Snyder also has a similar habit as well; and that is to project his guilty conscience on the rest of Michigan over {fill-in-the-blank} cause which inevitably involves the Michigan Taxpayer picking up the tab to assuage this guilt.

This year there will be no shortage of things for him to find for us to pay for: like the Flint Water crisis apocalypse harbinger of the end times situation justifying 15-minutes of relevancy for community agitators like Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, Sam Riddle, etc.

Wayne County going bankrupt (Oh, where will the Wayne Co. BoC’s next check come from?).

Or maybe, the sudden widespread malady that is causing so many Detroit Public Schools to close due to “sickouts”.

That last one will be interesting because of all of the media exposure over the past several days.

Peeling paint. Falling tiles. Broken plumbing. Dead rodents.

Remind me again on why the City of Detroit stopped doing its job and inspected these buildings in the first place?


Yep, some plywood, a padlock and a “No Trespassing” sign. Yessiree, this school building is now secure! Feel free to click on the image to better see the building securement. Never mind the missing sheet of plywood over the upper floor window. No one would EVER think about going through there.

Now, if Detroit had just a little bit of money to address this problem all will be well in the world.

I can pretty much guarantee that will be mentioned by Gov Snyder in some form tonight.

If only that were the truth!

{Unfortunate details below the fold}

I bring this up because as long-time readers here at RM know, Detroit has some problems.

Detroit likes to spend money (that it doesn’t have…more on that in a moment) and Detroit likes to turn around end elect leaders (i.e. Coleman Young, Carolyn Kilpatrick, Jerome Cavanagh, John Conyers, Otis Mathis, JoAnn Watson, Monica Conyers, Rashida Tlaib, Charles Pugh, Virgil Smith, Alberta Tinsley-Talabi, Alonzo Bates, Ed McNamara, Mary Sheffield, Brian Banks, George Cushingberry, Kwame Kilpatrick…owwww, I’m getting writer’s cramp) who turned around and misused their office and ran the city into the ground (plowed it into bedrock, actually) by making appalling decisions.

Utilizing the Cloward-Piven Method, they have literally destroyed a major American city, consigned generations of residents into government dependency. And, oh yeah, ran Detroit Public Schools into equally bad shape.

And just like those 2:00am infomercials asking you for “Just X-dollars per day”, as I alluded to above, I’m expecting a similar statement to be made tonight as well.

Which requires this preemptive response: Where has all of the money gone that has been allocated to and raised by DPS?
According to the latest state figures: Michigan spent a little over $9,500 per student during the 2013-14 school year on average.

Detroit Public Schools spent OVER $13,000 per student on average.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Almost $4,000 more per student, and they still can’t get things done right.

This is the part where I almost get knocked out by one of the “Strike to win” flying monkeys (Friendly bit of advice: Don’t order a pizza where these knuckleheads are loitering around).

Before taking a swing, they‘ll argue, “Bu, bu, bu, but we got problems that are only here in Detroit!” Or words to that effect.

I didn’t buy what they were selling and told them so under no uncertain terms.

I’ll get called “a bigot”, “a racist”, “cold-hearted” (and those are the things that I can post here and keep it SFW), pretty much every name in the book to get me to come over to their side of the argument as I’m walking away.

But, I’m not done yet.

I haven’t mentioned the other problem with their argument (two actually), which you won’t hear mentioned anywhere in the media regarding the DPS situation.

A little over 20-years ago, 1994 to be exact, Detroit Public Schools floated over a $1.5-billion bond proposal for the purpose of maintaining and upgrading the numerous building in the district on the June ballot (see page 7).

Most people have “forgotten” about this.

Compounding the problem with the argument that DPS “needs” more money is the fact that the district was hemorrhaging students at an unsustainable rate at the time. Many building were closed before work could even begin during the timeframe of the bond, which made some of the $1.5-billion available for other projects/buildings.


“That was over 20-years ago!”

“Things have gotten worse since then!”

I’ve heard those responses from the flying monkeys…and I’m not even done yet.

Fast-forward again to 2009, not even 7-years ago.

Proposal S, over a half a billion dollar bond was placed on the November ballot. It passed 62/38 and was to have built 8 new schools and refurbish 10 others.

Note: DPS was STILL losing students during this time-frame which necessitated closing more schools and modified the original bond proposal.

So to bottom line everything; Over $2-billion in spending for DPS infrastructure and we are still left with schools that look like this?


This is an example of what Rick Snyder wants to spend YOUR hard-earned money on. Feel free to click on this image to see everything better.

Just something to keep in mind when your elected officials tries to use the tried-and-true “It’s only X-dollars”, or even better yet, “It’s for the children” when they try to get you to support them voting for yet another Detroit Bailout.

Remember: Detroit Public School Officials already received over $2-billion and their buildings look like something straight out of a third/fourth-world country.

Also, remember: Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan readily admitted that Detroit does not inspect the structures within the city.

So, why should Michigan Taxpayers be expected to throw good money after bad yet again?

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  1. Sue Schwartz
    January 19, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    Review the SOS speech--and all the $$$$$--a hysterical response. He mentioned fixing hospitals and schools--what!!!!!!! They have insurance for their buildings and I suggest they tap that first and if they Insurance co wants to sue the state and engage in protracted litigation to subrogate--well, isn't that how the game is suppose to be played? And, as I see it, Snyder's EM made this water decision in efforts to save money--but what really should have happened is if it was necessary to appoint an EM, then it was necessary for Flint to file bankruptcy and that should have been done with the lessons learned via Detroit' bankruptcy and the water problem wouldn't have occurred. It was outrageous that Michigan bailed out Detroit's pension funds, with other bailouts--and it's outrageous that Detroit Schools, not just the buildings, but the education factor has been allowed to deliberately deteriorate. Let DPS file bankruptcy, dissolve the Department of Education, turn each individual school into charter schools with specialties involving technical, science, arts, even parochial--the money is out there--take the 8 BILLION (yes with a "B") held by U of M and put that money to work funding a few of these Charter Schools--I could go on and on--lastly, didn't I just read that MI has a surplus again?????

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