Now We Need a F*cking Mask?

Sorry, folks, have had enough of this overbearing, beer-swilling, testosteroMom schoolmarm. Let’s get this straight- 40 days of people roaming aimlessly around Walmarts, Meijer and Dollar Stores because they have nothing left to do other than shop, and now this? Nope.

Up Whitmer’s ass with a mask.

The word Resistance is a two-way street. I am revoking the empress’ wannabe *powers* ’cause SSDD just don’t work for me. I want a real Governor not some DNC colluding vote rigging farce that belongs in jail for non-bid contracts!

I want her 👇

That is what a normal female is, NOT the shitlib slag that somehow got elected to the three most powerful offices in Lansing.

Later peeps, I got life to enjoy and, a spring to somehow salvage. EO 2020-59 is my new two-ply, which comes in handy when morons hoard toilet paper because of a respiratory flu bug.

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  4 comments for “Now We Need a F*cking Mask?

  1. Phil
    April 24, 2020 at 7:05 pm

    Oh, lighten up Francis. You had to know that Whitmer figured that the state republicans didn’t have any fight in them. She even preempted their little vote on some pointless bill that she’d veto anyway. Their only chance to fight this is in the court of public opinion, and they had to start doing that weeks ago. They’ve learned nothing from Trump. Pathetic.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      April 25, 2020 at 10:12 am

      You do realize that you appear dumber than most Negative Nancy's in this state right, Mr. Fast68? I sincerely hope that Oakland County does not have more illiterate shitheads such as yourself in it.

      Last warning.

      Good day.

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  2. Sue Schwatrz
    April 24, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    The Extension and masks BS is retaliatory in nature for Protesters not keeping social distancing, which is how its being reported on Fox Business news. She needs to be impeached, Speaker Lee Chatfield, get moving on this. The Bill of Rights does not cease.

    Her going after only those positions which require state licensing (builders, fishing, etc) is absolutely absurd and keeping gardening stores closed is cruel. The motor boat crap is actually a UN wish. Today is Arbor Day and we can't even plant a tree. There is absolutely no logical reasoning for her moves. She is baiting and switching finances. Laying off everyone because the federal government will pay for four months the entire of these costs; listing deaths as Covid19, because the federal government stated they would take care of it all 100%; will have future ramifications. This woman is listening to the likes of George Soros and not the people of this state. She is shoving UN policies on us, and we're not gonna take it.

    It was irresponsible to closed schools and not allowing for a plan B, to be developed by the local districts. My grand children go to private schools and their school work continues at home. Each day, they meet with their teachers (by phone or computer), assignments are given with expectations they will be completed by the end of the day. Tuition continues to be paid, just as the public schools will continue to be funded. I know for a fact that TCAPS is set up for this type of system, and several dedicated teachers are continuing with their students, despite the fact that they will not be getting credit.

    So, Lee as Speaker of the House, under Art. XI, sec. 7, of the Michigan Constitution of 1963 (as Amended), immediately start impeachment proceedings against Whitmer and the AG for corrupt conduct in office. PS, who extended the 30 days?

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  3. B. Roubal
    April 26, 2020 at 11:44 am always...she can go straight to hell with her agenda! With my middle finger towards her, every the governor of Michigan.

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