Nothing To Offer

Garlin Gilchrist afraid to debate Lisa Lyons? Makes sense.

No upside to looking the fool, right?

Typically, the unknown would welcome the opportunity to gain name recognition in the political process. However sometimes campaigns bring out the inability to stand behind their ideas.  Radical leftist and former campaign director Garlin Gilchrist has refused to Debate Lyons.

Apparently, it would hurt the campaign terribly.

By refusing to let the extreme former Director Garlin Gilchrist debate against Lisa Posthumus Lyons, Gretchen Whitmer has inadvertently admitted that her lieutenant governor selection is too radical for Michigan. The Whitmer campaign would keep Gilchrist hidden from voters so they cannot discover his past support of Hamas, criticism of Israel and its supporters, as well as unqualified support for handing out driver’s licenses to those who should not have them.

Schuette campaign spokesman Stu Sandler says:

“As a former campaign director, Garlin Gilchrist holds radical beliefs that are too extreme for Michigan. Gretchen Whitmer does not want voters to find out about Gilchrist’s far-left policies supporting Hamas, criticizing Israel and its supporters, and support for giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants”

Lisa Lyons Posthumus challenged Garlin Gilchrist to three debates, but the Whitmer campaign called the debates a “non-starter” because they were fearful of voters getting to know Gilchrist’s radical positions. Sandler asks

“Will Whitmer stand by her decision of this radical pick? Or will she try to hide Gilchrist from voters?”

There is no doubt of the buyer’s remorse, as Gilchrist show to be an extremist anchor to Whitmer’s aspirations.

In September, Candidate Schuette criticized Gilchrist for failing to address a series of pro-Hamas, anti-Israel screeds that Gilchrist made on twitter. Gilchrist’s tweets described Hamas as ‘legitimate”: “Hamas is a legitimately elected party that only rose to power because of Israeli aggression and Western complicity/endorsement” and “Obama speaking could be the signal the beginning of a new American approach; an end to “Israel-can-do-no-wrong” approach” and “Amen sister. I’m suck (sic) of politicians and evangelicals kissing Israel’s a** regardless of what they do in the name of defense.”

Nice.  An anti Semitic candidate it seems?

Gilchrist also cited his support for giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants on his podcast, saying “There’s been arguments and fights in states across the country and municipalities across the country about whether undocumented immigrants could have driver’s licenses, whether they could have real ID that the type of id that you need to do so many things in day to day life and it’s really great to see the District of Columbia really stepping up and joining ten other states that now grant this right to undocumented immigrants …. This is the type of win that you can start in every state. This is exactly the type of thing that citizens can push for and win.”

Legitimizing the breaking of immigration law.

He has nothing to add to our great state.  He has nothing to offer his own campaign. He is an outlier in the political common sense department. And it reveals clearly that gubernatorial wannabe Whitmer cannot even make a reasonable decision when choosing a running mate.

What other great screw ups will Michigan tolerate?

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  2 comments for “Nothing To Offer

  1. KG One
    October 2, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    He's on the ticket because a.) Whitmer needs as many votes as she can pull from S.E. Michigan, and b.) Team"d"is attempting to use his race to draw in voters in November.

    His background only proves that they wanted a warm body in the LG slot, vetting be damned!

    And despite the signage popping up at auto plants around the state (well, at least around Detroit anyways) the rank-and-file members still aren't sold on Whitmer.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      October 2, 2018 at 3:58 pm

      Yep, identity politics is all The Left has remaining to run on after socialism has failed all over the world and, Gretchen, will crash and burn into the Progressive shithouse just like Virg and his Wakanda twofer in 2010, and Schauer with his yenta twofer in 2014.

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