Nonagenarian Making Sure the Action of the Party “Really Means Nothing”

One can safely say that Little Ronna failed her first test as chair with the Progressive Romney/Rockefeller wing of the MIGOP demonstrating they can still call themselves Republican when they will not uphold the Party Platform defining marriage between one man and one woman.

TwoRINOsYep. Constitution be damned, too. I’d like to be able to write-off the above as Willy milquetoast showing signs of senility, however, the old bastard was only a few comrades short of being a Trotskyite’s wet dream when he was young. Same goes for his Margaret Sanger abortion funding late wifey.

Next stop *marrying* sons and polygamy.

Ps. don’t anyone in the MIGOP act as if George and Nelson are so far removed from the Party by time when this guy started it all.

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  1. March 9, 2015 at 9:29 pm

    A senile old fool doing what senile old fools do. Wandering off into the swamp.

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