No Longer Boring?

The race is finally shaping up like we would expect.

The mix is in.

Lt. Governor Brian Calley has gone for the brass ring.  An email from the inbox today:

“Dear Jason,
Today I formally announce that I am a candidate for Governor of Michigan. I am running for Governor to finish Michigan’s Comeback and make Michigan the most prosperous state in the country.

Please take a moment to watch my announcement video, and consider joining the team.


And not to miss an opportunity to get a little rush from the announcement is political newcomer Jim Hines, who in his own email blast says:

“I welcome Brian Calley to the race for Governor. We now have three term-limited Republican politicians seeking their next job, all pretending to be outsiders.”


Each of those term limited guys could probably write their own check quite well.  So I am not sure how the term limited fact will sway anything, but Calley’s engagement in the process does shuffle the political support deck, bringing the not-Schuette candidate class into higher probability realm.

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More to follow..


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  1 comment for “No Longer Boring?

  1. KG One
    November 29, 2017 at 11:03 am

    The damage in that campaign video due to his action/inaction (ironically invoking Detroit), was almost as much fun to watch as those cranked out by Coleman Young.

    I would've respected Lil' Guv significantly more if he would've just had the integrity to come out and tell people that he wasn't going to waste anyone's time by running for governor.

    But if he wants to go through the motions and get horribly crushed like the Coyote in a Roadrunner cartoon, I could use the laugh.

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