Nessel, STFU and Fix the Dam Disaster you and Whitmer Own

I’ve seen stupid before in this state. They always call themselves Michiganders.

But this?

Boy howdy! These are three Industrial Strength stupid females.

Who has a problem with telling the truth?

Wager a Jefferson that U.S. AG Bill Barr knows all three of their names, too?

But I digress.

So, how low can Michigan’s lesbian AG go (no, I don’t mean carpet-munching)? What if I told you using a crisis for political profit?

Nasty Nessel never allows The Truth to interrupt her Democrat Party corrupt Plan-demic agenda to crash our economy during an election year. Seriously, anything other than placing a jackboot on little businesses neck, her going after FoMoCo is laughably way out of Nasty Nessel’s league.

Either that, or the bleating of ventilators, ventilators, ventilators, which is the Ford plant President Trump visited, was all Democrat bullshit to begin with. Go ahead, Dana, close that plant! 🤡 🌎

In other words, wearing a mask is used as the Fake News propaganda arm of the Democrat Party’s tinfoil hat. Liken it to putting up a chainlink fence as mosquito netting. Say it with me now, indoctrinated Herd Stupidity.

That said, the dam failure onion in Nessle/Whitmer’s lap since January 1, 2019 is just beginning to peel.

As KG would say, stay tuned…

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