MIGOP Wins!!!

The Michigan GOP Establishment achieves its objective…

The Michigan GOP Establishment achieves its objective…

2010 was a benchmark year for conservatives…”Flip the House” was the Tea Party battle cry, and Nancy Pelosi handed the House gavel to John Boehner…The ensuing MIGOP convention saw Dave Agema elected to the RNC over establishment Saul Anuzis, and the establishment held off a serious challenge to the party leadership by defeating the conservative challengers for the State Chair by 71 votes…The “Old Guard” realized they had a significant problem, and set about to to correct it almost immediately…They infiltrated Tea party groups around the state, neutralizing conservative efforts by gaining control of county and regional Tea Party groups, and rendering them mostly harmless…They packed the State and District Committees with a many establishment types as possible, and began changing the rules, or ignoring the established rules to secure their advantage…Voice votes at conventions were used against conservatives in place of ballot votes the establishment knew they would lose…

Conservatives that managed to get elected to offices within county GOP parties became targets also…Our precinct delegates that nearly stole the State convention were also on the establishment hit lists…The CD1 Chairmanship was rigged to elect Jesse Osmer over Adrian Pelousse by a single vote, the establishment pulled out all the stops in that instance…Party and District rules were ignored, slates were printed on the pencils used to mark ballots that were illegally collected and tallied…Elected officials that owed their office to the conservative movement betrayed the very people that put them there…The list goes on, and for most of you reading this, you know these are the facts…because you were there…Even local politics became tainted with the establishment purge…After helping several candidates for the Kalkaska Commission win their seats, and turn a 5-2 Democrat advantage into a 4-3 GOP Commission, I (and others) was literally blackballed from my own County party…Funny how now and again I still get asked for help…

In 2010 we gave them the US House, we gave them Snyder and both houses in the State legislature, in 2016 we gave them the Senate and Donald Trump…In return they gave us higher taxes and a utility monopoly in Michigan, the perpetuation of ObamaCare, and now recreational pot, bureaucratic redistricting, and no fault absentee voting…Soon to come are the National Popular Vote, and the destruction of the Constitution via a Convention of States…The more Republicans we elect, the more they act like Democrats…The result was predictable, and secured November 6th…With the conservative purge nearly complete, they gave us ballot proposals that only served to attract Democrat votes, and a candidate for Governor guaranteed to lose, not to mention giving the US House BACK to Nancy Pelosi…

Yes, the establishment won…Funny, I don’t see anyone celebrating…

God help us in 2020…

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    November 22, 2018 at 10:14 am

    Let's see here- state party went from ousting Saulius, to Weiser, then "Bobby" Schostak, li'l Ronna (could've had Norm in '15), and right back to Ron Weiser. 🤦‍♂️

    Y'all's aren't very good at jewjitsu, nor understanding the mentality of citizens from the People's Republic of Ann Arborstan, hence, Snyder.

    Anyhoo, Happy Thanksgiving!

    Spanks for reading....

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    November 23, 2018 at 8:06 am

    The set-up is to rid this country of Trump, probably one of the greatest Presidents this country has seen.

    I bitched and bitched during the primary season, as I saw what was happening. Honestly, the gathering of brainless twits on county committees has begun. Why is this? Is it a hate for Trump? No. These small minds have been doing their crap for so long, they know nothing else. They are an autistic group, Hard to work with, parroting words they hardly comprehend and are intimidated by intelligence. Doesn't this also describe the left?

    Trump is genius smart. His gift is his communication skills. I was once advised by one of the greatest legal minds ever had the pleasure to meet. He said "in a court of law, you're talking to a room of kindergartners. Adjust accordingly." Trump has mastered this lesson. And is teaching us along the way. Everyone included, no exclusions allowed. The lessons he's teaching is lost on small minds unable to adjust to the Great Awakening. That lesson is simple--WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL. (WWG1WGA)

    We need to start all over again, which we will do, because we're a hardy group and love our @realDonaldTrump

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  3. Corinthian Scales
    November 24, 2018 at 12:44 am

    Cannot begin to imagine how exactly crappy this state going to be, Michiganians, when similar policies the dickhead/licker Brian Calley endorsed for president becomes full power, yes Whitmer over the State of Michigan (of alleged other party).


    Yah, Brian:

    It's amazing how these career parasites work, which I mean, Brian Calley, and the old phag from Ohio.



    Remember... the li'l asshole knew he couldn't be governor 'cause so despised, then trashed everything- Secretary of State, Attorney General and office of Governor, just to prove a point against Bill, which Brian and Rick aided Whitmer, and then Brian walked away after his smear primary campaign.

    There's the Snyder/Calley legacy.

    Following Snyder's crooked lead.... Bill should've indicated Rick. Only flaw. Would've won. Landslide.

    Meanwhile, manjaw wife Julie, should lose reelection just to kill future Calley contamination.

    They're all despicable:

    Rebuild the state party with a thread of sense, please?!?!?!

    That or, I walk the away- fuck it.

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