MICPAC April 6-7, 2018

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Michigan’s premier annual gathering for principled patriots and conservatives. This conference gets results. Task forces on Education, Property Rights, Legislative and judicial accountability, this is where the grass roots kicked off the Freedom To Work campaign.

At MiCPAC we bridge and network.all elements of the conservative movement – limited government; tax limitation; Life; faith; evangelicals; Tea Party; Constitutional; tax limitation, home schoolers, 1st, 2nd & 10th Amendments; traditionalists; National security; Labor Freedom as we continue the work of the Founders to preserve a constitutional republic for the next generations.

We keep the faith AND, we recruit, educate, train, inspire and enable grass roots leaders, candidates, campaign workers.

Be all you can be in theology, philosophy, public policies and politics by this conference with fellow believers and leaders in academia, think tanks, business, labor and grass roots activism.

We have new breath in President Trump and the Trump Administration, and new opportunity in Michigan as well. As we gear up for conventions and elections in 2018, this Conference will be pivotal for We The People. Be there!

We have added a campaign school. Our Campaign Toolkit in 2015 had a 85% success rate for attendees who filed for office. This year it will be the afternoon of April 6, 2018, 12:30-5:00 PM at Capitol City Baptist School. Faculty will include top experts from Virginia’s Leadership Institute and Unique Strategies, LLC and the MCU Board with success in many campaigns and conventions. Designed for candidates, their families, key supporters and advisers. From precinct delegate to governor, success comes from planning, great strategy and tactics. Grass roots leaders will benefit from techniques to organize and motivate volunteers. At only $29 ($20 less than 2015) this is a bargain!

The VIP reception Friday night 4/6/2018 will feature major speakers and conservative state leadership with awesome networking, photographs, etc. Food and beverages will be served, 7-9 PM. This helps fund overhead and travel for national speakers. Proceeds also help underwrite communications, our Conservative Choices Newsletter and volunteer activities all year long. At $150 it is a great investment for the battle to hold back government and lower taxes.

Michigan Conservative Political Action Conference (MiCPAC) is Saturday April 7, 2018. Registration with continental breakfast is 8-9AM, Sessions kick off at 9AM and continue until 5:30 PM. A keynote banquet lunch will be served. This year’s program includes a session on the Law and defending our Constitution with Professor William Wagner, Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Steve Markman, and from Tennessee, the Nationally noted constitution attorney known as Publius Huldah who is leading the intellectual fight against a new constitutional convention (read it, enforce it, not trash it!)

We will include sessions dealing with the high costs and over-regulations imposed by Michigan’s governments. In sessions on taxes, energy, education, personal and real property rights, healthcare and labor freedom Attendees will hear from top leaders working to rein in government and protect liberties and freedoms. At only $50 (less than a rubber chicken two hour GOP or Dem. dinner, lol) there is no better bargain for conservatives wanting to get in the know and support the cause. The networking opportunities are great!

Even better, Early Bird tickets are only $42, and MCU members get a $10 discount off each event.

Confirmed speakers:
Professor William Wagner
Chief Justice Steve Markman
Publius Hulda
Kevin Martus, Senior Policy Fellow, Energy and Legal Policy Institute, D.C.; Director. Interstate Informed Citizen’s Coalition
Dr. Larry Arnn, President, Hillsdale College (or representative)
Foster Friess (subject to flights; he will be in DC in the morning but has his own planes)
Dr. Rev. Richard Zeile, Co-President Michigan State School Board
Dr. Harry C. Veryser, author, economist, 3rd Chair of MCU
Norman R. Hughes, Chair, MCU and Michigan Freedom To Work
Grant Strobl, National Young Americans for Freedom and
Dena Espensheid, Grass Roots Coalitions Director for Leadership Institute
Rep. Gary Glenn
U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop (by video)
There will be several MCU Directors who will MC and/or present including Mary Sears, Linda Wildern, Lori Green, Jay Taylor, perhaps Chris Meister, Jerry Allen, others
Invited and promised to attend, but not confirmed yet:
Kay Coles James (Chief Executive), Heritage Foundation
David Keene, former President National Rifle Association, American Conservative Union and Young Americans for Freedom
Gov. Jim Gilmore, Free Congress Foundation (former Governor and Attorney General, VA.; candidate for President
Others invited:
Secretary Dr. Ben Carson
John Gibbs, HUD Policy Official
Ambassador Sam Brownback
Sean Hannity
Jeanine Pirro
Republican National Committeman Dr. Rob Steele
Senator Mike Shirkey


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  1. KG One
    March 11, 2018 at 9:26 am

    Interesting lineup, but I got to ask this since I haven't been able to locate anything specific about this event (aside from an Eventbright page) regarding a more detailed description of the days events: Will there be any discussion on Article V?

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