Michigan’s PC Christmas

Governor Rick Snyder once again uses the generic happy holidays to wish our citizens ...well .. nothing.

Its not illegal for Michigan’s governor to wish folks a “Merry Christmas.”

The ACLU has probably fought that battle before and lost. And In Texas, the governor signed a bill in 2013 clearing the decks for public institutions in that state to freely express the real reason for the season.  From the Houston Press:

Governor Rick Perry signed what has become known as the “Merry Christmas bill” last week. In addition to permitting holiday greetings, the legislation also says that schools are allowed to display scenes or symbols associated with winter holidays on school property, such as a Christmas tree or a menorah, as long as there is at least one other religious or secular symbol present as well.

Now THAT is a real governor.

The freedom FROM religion nuts would like to equate expressions of faith by government officials which are allowed under the 1st amendment, to mandating a state religion which is not allowed under the 1st amendment.  And even while absurd legal battles still rage on about nativity scenes on public property, opinions or sentiment from respected offices or positions are clearly allowed.

The only thing stopping Michigan’s governor from expressing a heartfelt “Merry Christmas,” is the Governor.  Even Ron Weiser has ignored the PC crutch and been a sport in the past, and he gets a “Happy Hanukkah” back at him for playing along!

Our politically correct head of state apparently doesn’t really care about the reason for the season.  Frankly, he might just as well put out a video celebrating each day of the week; “Hi this is your governor, Rick Snyder wishing you a happy and safe Friday.  ..”  The video to the right is not only pointless but reminds us of what the ‘politically correct’ fence straddlers really look like.

Gosh governor, why bother even having that #*$&%^#$ tree anymore?


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  1. Corinthian Scales
    December 23, 2015 at 11:11 am

    Kewl. Hadn't this been posted, we would've never known that the faggy nerd is making videos with Tony Baretta.

    Pro-Tip: if you're going to troll shitlibs, you make them wear it.

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