Michigan State Senate Fundraising

The deadline for pre-primary campaign finance reports for the Michigan state legislature was July 25. The following details the amount raised in competitive primary elections, and cash on hand (COH) in competitive general elections for state senate. Ratings for the races are included. Districts 29 and 38 move to safe R based on fundraising.

2. (D) Safe Johnson
Bert Johnson: 60K
John Olumba: waiver
Georgia Lemmons: waiver

4. (D) Lean Smith
Virgil Smith: 164K
Rashida Tlaib: 230K

5. (D) Lean Knezek
David Nathan: 34K
David Knezek: 109K
Shanelle Jackson: ?
Thomas Stallworth: ?

7. Lean R
Pat Colbeck (R) 214K (28K COH)
Dian Slavens (D) 114K (101K COH)

11. (D) Lean Gregory
Vincent Gregory: 55K
Vicki Barnett: 56K
Ellen Cogen Lipton: 150K

13. Lean R
(R) Tossup
Chuck Moss: 179K (89K COH)
Marty Knollenberg: 50K (3K COH)
Rocky Raczkowski: 70K (12K COH)
Al Gui: waiver
Ethan Baker: 20K (3K COH)

(D) Likely Fishman
Ryan Fishman: 211K (74K COH)
Cyndi Peltonen: 7K ($352 COH)

15. (R) Likely Kowall
Mike Kowall: 290K
Matt Maddock: 68K (28K self)

17. Tossup
Dale Zorn (R) 125K (74K COH)
Doug Spade (D) 81K (56K COH)

20. Tossup
Margaret O’Brien (R) 173K (120K COH)
Sean McCann (D) 268K (209K COH)
Lorence Wenke (L) (3K COH)

24. Safe R
Rick Jones (R) 149K (62K COH)
Dawn Levey (D) 35K (33K COH)

25. Safe R
Phil Pavlov (R) 175K (144K COH)
Terry Brown (D) 42K (26K COH)

28. (R) Likely MacGregor
Peter MacGregor: 273K (119K COH)
Kevin Green: 19K (15K self)

29. Safe R (change from likely R)
Dave Hildenbrand (R) 278K (204K COH)
Penny Lance: 8K (5K COH)
Michael Scruggs: waiver

31. Likely R
(R) Lean Green
Mike Green: 315K (153K COH)
Kevin Daley: 57K (11K COH)
Ron Mindykowski (D) 24K (9K COH)

32. Tossup
Ken Horn (R) 190K (96K COH)
(D) Lean Oakes
Stacy Erwin Oakes: 207K (119K COH)
Garnet Lewis: 96K (33K COH)

34. Lean R
(R) Safe Hansen
Geoff Hansen: 301K (249K COH)
Nick Sundquist: 17K (1K COH)
Cathy Forbes (D) 80K (67K COH)

37. (R) Lean MacMaster
Greg McMaster: 60K (11K COH)
Wayne Schmidt: 313K (72K COH)

38. Safe R (change from likely R)
Tom Casperson: 303K R, 135K COH
Chris Lamarche: ?
Christopher Germain: 1K ($560 COH)

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    July 26, 2014 at 10:18 am

    unless it's common core, right?

    I don't understand what the comments, safe, lean, etc. mean

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