MI GOP Joins Progressive-Pride Parade

Pride Parades have become the vogue for the “Look at me, I’m a celebrity” crowd that now rules pop-culture and its romance with Reality TV.

The MI GOP Convention last weekend, staged like a mindless reality TV show, solidified the MI GOP squarely in the ranks of the Progressive-Pride Parade marching across America.

Scripted to look genuine but only if you believe that professional wrestling and reality TV are real – Much ado about Nothing – No mention of the MI GOP’s repeated violations of the Republican Party Platform – Little if any grappling with the important threats to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that we face as citizens of Michigan.

A token gesture to the heroic campaign of Wes Nakagiri and his Constutionalist supporters may have been the last hurrah for the Tea Party/Libertarian coalition within the Progressive GOP, calls for unity notwithstanding.

The worldwide Progressive Movement intent on fundamentally transforming America by any means possible was clearly the big winner in the GOP Primary and at the GOP Convention. The Big-Government Big-Money crowd was on display led by the Chamber of Commerce candidates in the Primary and Rick Snyder and Ron Weiser at the Convention.

Big-Money enabled David Trott to take out the incumbent Constitutionalist, Kerry Bentivolio. Constitutionalist Tom McMillin, term-limited in the MI House, was beaten by Chamber of Commerce and moderate-Mike-Rogers endorsed Mike Bishop, a favorite of the GOP Establishment.

Big-Money former national GOP Finance Committee Chair Ron Weiser was able to entice national conservative leaders to visibly support his campaign for the less important post of U of M Regent just two weeks after they passed on the opportunity to support Constitutionalists Bentivolio and McMillin for much more important posts within the US Congress at a time of national peril.

(Allen West actually worked the Convention floor with Weiser. Ted Cruz made multiple appearances with Weiser in Michigan days before the Convention. Rand Paul showed his support for Weiser via video. Why support Weiser to this degree after showing no support for Bentivolio and McMillin for Congress?)

The Establishment GOP won the day handily despite its unpopular positions on Amnesty, Medicaid expansion and Common Core – litmus tests all for the Progressive Movement.

Rick Snyder and his GOP actively want amnesty for their Chamber of Commerce funders. Rick Snyder and his GOP want the Big Money offered by their Progressive Partners in D.C. to fund Medicaid expansion and Common Core. Rick Snyder and his GOP want the Big Money provided by the Devos-led LGBT-Pride Parade marchers. (Watch to see if the payoff is an extension to the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Laws to include “sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression” before the end of the year.) Rick Snyder and his GOP want the Big Money offered by Islamist groups to ensure that Islam is promoted as a religion of peace and that large-scale immigration of Middle Eastern Muslims into Michigan is fast-tracked despite growing concerns about Jihad returning to America.

Rick Snyder and his GOP have assumed their rightful positions in the Progressive-Pride Parade which makes them part of the Enemies Within for Constitutionalists across Michigan. Tea Party and Libertarian support for Snyder-Calley is not a given. Can Snyder win without them? Can Big-Money make up for the base that stays home on Election Day?

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  1. Tom Backers
    August 26, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    Voting is not just a right in America...it is a citizen's Constitutional and patriotic duty...We get the government we deserve, one way or another...We will be offering 'alternative candidates' in several races shortly, so that conservatives across the political spectrum will have voices that may be both heard AND counted, thereby 'quantifying' our disdain for 'homogenized' two party ("Duopoly") rule...

    Should this cost certain GOP candidates their perceived election successes, so be it...maybe then the establishment will heed the message from their platform and Constitution based members...

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