Meanwhile On Mackinac

The 'leadership' conference goes on ..

Hopefully our Republican warriors are having a good time.

It’s been nearly a year since “most popular president of all time” won a reality defying contest here in the state of Michigan and they are about to pass a super sized budget at a whopping $62 Billion.  And worse than the size alone is the fact that it continues to fund those agencies which have abused Michiganians over the past year and a half.

From the state police, which was used as Whitmer’s personal enforcers to the ‘occupational’ cretins who relish any chance to assert authority, to the local health departments with over sized nurse Ratchets in charge, so many businesses have been harmed, ..some irreparably and without recourse, even after the courts ruled Whitmer’s earlier acts as illegal.

And worse than all of that, was the destruction of elections with integrity.

History will show (if history is still allowed) that it was the Republicans gave the future to the minority of those who seek power for power’s sake.  That they gave up our Constitutional Republic without a fight.

Enjoy your fun on the island folks.  Ice cream socials and drunken gatherings of the already indoctrinated youth in your favorite candidate’s t-shirts are surely a great time.




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  1. Sue Schwatrz
    September 24, 2021 at 6:22 pm

    With release of the AZ report, the only thing to discuss this weekend and what day next week do we start MI forensic election exam. It is really horrendous what is being forensically shown and the deliberate withholding of chain of custody evidence. Ironically, no initial internet connection but was found anyway on workstations adjudication stations, etc. Internet artifacts shown. 130 ballots under one name and one DOB, but no fraud? There is no way AZ certification can stand.

    I'm hoping that ballot down forensics find that school boards, etc. were tampered with also. And, then there's John James. However, "losing" twice in fraudulent elections, seems to have changed him a tad. You'd hope he'd be a fighter. Is it too late to go back to 2018 where this same crap happened?

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