Maybe Bat Guano?

Mike Shirkey forgot to use the dollar sign for his 's'

It is what it is.

Mike Shirkey, Michigan’s Republican Senate leader said what he felt at the time, but forgot that triggered people trigger.  Obviously his position is one of institutional respect, and the branches of our governmental authority must work together for the benefit of Michigan.  But straight out calling the governor and her Democrat counter parts a bad name?  Heaven forbid we continue our word oppression of the overly sensitive progressive.

It started earlier this month with Shirkey’s spokeswoman saying the governor “has proven herself untrustworthy” following a series of public events where Whitmer supported an organization — and then vetoed their state funding in her budget standoff with Shirkey and the GOP.

Then Shirkey spouted off in a speech before a group of College Republicans at Hillsdale College, reportedly painting Whitmer and her fellow Democrats as being “on the batshit crazy spectrum,” The Hillsdale Collegian student newspaper reported Thursday.

Oh crap, now he did it.

Mike forgot that feelings are worse than stage 8 cancer, much like hearsay evidence is more valid than direct evidence.  At least to Democrats.  Insults melt their brains, thus everything Democrats have done in the past decade or so.  We must have been too harsh.

True, rhetoric hardly advances arguments and can damage the relationship necessary for the operation of multi-faceted government operations.  However, the unrealistic expectations of open borders, of emptied wallets, mandated free stuff, choice of gender, child murder on demand, and a hypersensitive sense that only white males can be racists is hard to contain as sanity when one properly analyzes it broadly.

Yes, Mike Shirkey has apologized already.  He must work with these people, and his comments cause undue blankie grabbing and thumb sucking.  He knows what they are, and unringing the bell of truth is not really possible.  But diplomacy requires give and take and corrective submission when one steps outside of proper comportment expected in such positions of power.

Even those of us on the lowly blogging level understand that to never have to apologize is to never submit to that which would have been institutionalized in another age and time.



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