Making a deal with the devil.

Buried in the headlines this week between yet another fake news story regarding the pending impeachment of Pres. Trump, fixing Gov Whitmer’s line item frenzy (contrary to the media buzz, there is serious talk behind the scenes pertaining to fixing Gov. Whitmer’s not-so little temper tantrum screw-up) and the comedy of errors with the GM-UAW Strike, this story from Lansing surprising got very little attention.

Which gets even more interesting once you are made aware of what the topic of discussion was all about.

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Tipped off from one of my sources, I was informed about a MIRS report a from few days earlier of a meeting regarding “tweaking” term limits (yet again). Sorry, the actual link is behind a paywall.

The principals included Sen. Mike Shirkey. This one didn’t surprise me very much given the scuttlebutt that I’ve been provided on his shenanigans behind the scenes.

Wheeeeeee! I don’t have more pressing issues to address while I’m in office.

The next one was a little more surprising. Speaker Lee Chatfield also felt that it was necessary to discuss a topic that no one here is Michigan is interested in addressing (unless of course, you are a Lansing insider or a media pundit).

Hmmmm, why am I here again?

The last two should raise everyone’s eyebrows. Also taking part in this little con-fab was Michigan Chamber of Commerce CEO Richard Studley. I’m sure that everyone hasn’t forgotten his efforts to jam through an unwanted gas tax hike not that long ago. Apparently pursuing quixotic causes is his raison d’être.

I’m back and better than ever!

Finally, we have the most surprising one of all: Voters Not Politicians Executive Director Nancy Wang.

Let’s make a deal! What would YOU want to sell in order to stay in office a little while longer?

Yes, the same VNP that finagled the democrat “independent” citizens commission regarding election districts into the Michigan Constitution. Get ready to see the entire state of Michigan Detroitified once that debacle plays out.

If that one doesn’t make you see red.

Interestingly, the same VNP that is all-in on this farce is curiously silent about it (and here, too),

Here is the gist of what they’ll be rolling out to the public this December.

The current term limit of 14 years (three terms in the Michigan House and two in the Michigan Senate) will be scrapped in favor of a twenty-year cap. Exactly how that will break down regarding actual terms served is still being discussed.

In exchange for support from the Michigan Chamber and the “non-partisian” VNP seeking more “transparency”, they would like to see the addition of legislation addressing FOIA expansion, the “revolving door” between serving legislators and lobbyists, and lame duck reform.

To accomplish this feat will require some serious legal gymnastics to pull off. Since term limits are enshrined in the Michigan Constitution, this proposal will need to go onto the ballot. Their target is November 2020. You are also addressing multiple issues, which ostensibly, should preclude this from ever appearing on the November 2020 General Ballot altogether. This is what put the kibosh on RMGN, and should have worked with VNP as well, were it not for two republican Michigan Court Justices who executed very poor decision making and allowed it to appear on the ballot.

Yes, the republican kakistocracy is rearing its ugly head, yet again.

Sen. Shirkey going over the proposed changes to Michigan Term Limits along with attendees.

Fortunately our side isn’t exactly unprepared for this betrayal.

Also, in the same MIRS article was a quote from Patrick Anderson, CEO of the Anderson Economic Group.

This is his take on the latest attempt to “fix” term limits:

“All the focus groups and polls in the world won’t produce a “faux-populist,” “pushmi-pullyu” proposal that would fool the voters, he said.

“The legislature, VNP and the Michigan Chamber all coming together. What could go wrong?” Anderson chuckled. “This is more like a concept for a game show than a plan for government. How are we going to explain this to our kids? And exactly who thought that keeping legislators in office for two decades was a plan for ‘transparency?’”

Well said, sir!

My advice to readers on this issue is this; Term Limits here in Michigan is a long settled issue.

Michigan Taxpayers do not, have not, nor ever will ever want to go back to the old system again.

Public service is meant to be a brief interruption in someone’s career. It was NEVER meant to be a career in and of itself. The impeachment distraction of Pres. Trump in Washington I’ve mentioned above should be all the evidence you’ll ever need when elected officials have far too much free time on their hands.

It is my personal experience that a deadline (term limit) is the biggest motivator towards achieving a goal.

If you will not dedicate your finite time in Lansing towards reaching your goal in six or eight years, then you are wasting time, and your failure to accomplish anything meaningful is all on you. No one else!

Contact your elected officials at the following links and let them know what you think about “fixing” term limits.

Michigan House.

Michigan Senate.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    October 28, 2019 at 9:47 pm

    Am interested in this. Thank you, KG.

    ...h/t, Studley has been a parasitic freeloading piece of shit since Engler was in office- before Fat John was governor, made it worse. He sucked Granholm’s snatch too- way worse under that bitch. Remember anytime Studley didn’t object to Brian Calley’s twice punitive tax bill for Granholm? If any old fart needs to go away- that’s the motherfucker in this state.

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