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  1. JD
    December 4, 2016 at 8:47 am

    (Jason) "Interesting?..."
    The interest here for grassroots conservatives or failing any generational responsibility 'felt' our children/grandchildren; speaks to the heart of why the former failed to provide a political legacy for the latter over the past 7 years:

    1) She was there.
    You cannot expect to change things (see our pristine Capital lawn this December) from your living room.

    2) She filmed it... alongside every other news organization there.
    "Channel X" does not provide archival footage of their non-edited meeting coverage on their website. Not one single grassroots conservative nor even precinct delegate has EVER demanded that every single meeting taking place in Lansing or anywhere else that an employee travels to be covered and archived properly at little to no cost via public support for the concept. Those who have sought to "change the party" have intentionally 'played dumb' when this very basic cornerstone of a free society has been thrown in their faces since well before even 21st century technology made it a mute point.

    3) She challenged the agenda and her place in it.
    In my own county and local government?
    Grassroots 'conservatives' won't even challenge the agenda ITSELF if their children's right to either speak or later be properly recorded for the meeting record are either non-existant or intentionally manipulated.
    She stood up...demanded that the meeting stop right there or she be arrested/thrown out of it for simply *challenging her right to be HEARD* (which they will never properly record)...period.


    I would offer more along the lines of "educational" in terms of what a true patriot ACTS like and just how far true patriots have to GO if meetings such as these actually *mean* anything to anybody beyond those sitting at that table.
    NOT learning the above lesson so vividly taught (yet again) will cause both Democrats and Republicans to *never* change our meeting structure statewide or (likely) cause agendas/procedures to be manipulated even worse when our grandchildren approach the throne.

    When our children and grandchildren start attending meetings (and it wouldn't surprise me if this one was similar) their 'state approved' (vs God given) right to speak will be shoved to the beginning of any meeting ONLY.

    All politics being local...go to your local Township website...pick a meeting agenda, call your Township supervisor and have him or her explain how your right to speak is not on the agenda but during the BEGINNING after formalities yet "sometimes we allow it" (when decisions are actually being *made*)...and then go look your child or grandchild in the eyes afterwards.

    We can't.

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  2. JD
    December 4, 2016 at 11:55 am

    ...by the way, here is yet another *female* here in Michigan (actually a whole grassroots bunch of them) willing to post a picture on their website that not one Michigan Republican "grassroots conservative" precinct delegate (not to mention many others in Tea Party leadership) is willing to bring forward for discussion at their next county Republican get-together at the country club or anywhere else:

    If this photo of Betsy refusing stand for Trump (not to mention his evidently FALSE disgust with Common Core by her very nomination afterwards) *does NOT spawn no-confidnence votes involving Republican Party leadership across the entire state?

    Every single Tea Partier in this state (save these few ladies valiant fighting to save our kids) HAS BEEN BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by evidence of this one photo alone and their deafening silence during this lame duck.

    Either fight this NOW...or go down in Michigan history as the largest 'puppeted' conservative grassroots movement in this *nation's* history (period).

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  3. JD
    December 4, 2016 at 11:58 am

    ...sorry...here is the link for those of you refusing to follow the StopCommonCoreInMichigan movement when it is needed most or to lift one single finger to help these ladies as they have so bravely outlined in their recent blog posts: http://stopcommoncoreinmichigan.com/2016/12/dick-betsy-devos-admit-influence-elections-legislation-consequences-rewards/

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  4. Corinthian Scales
    December 5, 2016 at 7:41 am

    JD, clearly defines what is the Autistic-Right.

    Too stupid to understand coalition building and the DeVos clan has had their asses handed to them since Dick ran for governor because their Bush family connections suck. Betsy is not without her faults, however, she isn't a dumb woman. She will work with the Trump administration to deliver its campaign promises or, her ass will be fired.


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  5. JD
    December 6, 2016 at 6:51 am

    "..She will work with the Trump administration to deliver its campaign promises..."

    The (dead) grassroots conservative movement here in Michigan (due to most members being inextricably tied to the hip of their local MiGOP establishment) refuse to even mutter *one word* as to Betsy DeVos never having worked towards or supported those "promises" in the first place.

    It is pretty easy to keep a campaign promise when you have legions of fan boys (so called 'conservatives') out there every single day either keeping their mouths shut as to what that promise actually 'was'... or clearly BASTARDIZING the topic of our children's education on a daily basis.

    When this crap is accomplished in the new Education secretary's own state as obvious data mining legislation moves through at lightning speed with similar 'conservative' indifference prompted by the Secretary's very easily explainable power over TeaPartier's willingness to fight?

    May God have mercy on those taking the backside of their hands to their own grandchildren so as to NOT declare that the emperor has no clothes ****NOW****.

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