Lions Packers Sunday Memo

If it's something you want to do, it ought to always be available at the right price.

dsc_1702Truth be told, both teams have some work to do.

Packers broke out the catnip in the first half going to the locker room ahead of the Lions 31-10.  In the second half, the Lions held the pack to a lousy 3 points, scoring 17 of their own.

Funny how math works.  The seven point win over Detroit  was a relief to Packers fans watching live, or in person by the end of the matter in Green Bay on Sunday.  Both teams have talent, but remain unpredictable as the game clock is running.

One interesting highlight of the game was the use of the NFL out of bounds rule to move the Packers ball return up to the 40 yard line by touching the ball while out-of-bounds.


Aside from the technical and pertinent aspects of the game there is a bigger picture played out around every one of these contests.

I was at this one, and Green Bay folks are a pretty decent lot.  Welcoming and warm.   It was worth spending a few bucks and having a great time where a lesson in true free markets played out well.

The short story is that the motels in the area of the stadium sell out fast for game events.  The motel we stayed at has a normal rate of about $70, but for Saturday night we paid $210 plus about $40 in taxes.

God bless em.  It was worth every dollar.

The room was reserved the same day the NFL schedule came out.  All others sold out later that day.  Fact of the matter is that without the market adjusting the rate properly, we would have likely been staying out of town, and not close enough to walk the 2 miles back to the Motel after the game.

Inside the venue, folks pay $9 for a Brat, or nearly that for a beer.  Consider how long the lines would be if it were any cheaper.  Somehow the overall experience would suffer if the right price determined by supply demand forces hadn’t been arrived at.

If the game is something you gotta do at least once, the $200-$600 ticket price is cheap on the ‘bucket-list’ scale of the things, right? And what’s a few extra bucks for a stadium dog and suds?

I really love this country.

Oh yeah, and Green Bay isn’t a bad place to walk around.  In fact the folks around the stadium wave to folks going by, after a game and the incredible inconvenience [you know] they go through every football Sunday. (or whatever day)

Just downright Mid-West American kind of friendly.

Just imagine frolicking Detroit around Detroit for a day.

Ya know?



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  1. JD
    September 28, 2016 at 6:15 am

    Similar to college football..following a sport with rule makers blatantly caring less about our country (college's treatment of desperate FBI agents after 911) leads to following a sport with rule makers blatantly caring less about our country (allowing players to disrespect our anthem).

    I have (sadly) given up on the lot of them and encourage others to do the same.

    Most americans are flat out afraid to teach our kids anything by example or sacrifice.

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