Land Making Potholes for a smooth Gary Peters Victory

The cognitive dissonance is just staggering.

“Detroit is central to our state. It’s very important, it’s the home of the auto industry. As Detroit is successful the whole state is successful.”

What better way to convey that message than by doing it with a discontinued niche vehicle built in Texas, by a corporation headquartered in Illinois?

And seriously, is it possible this dweeb is so out of touch, along with the rest of the Schostak Party apparatchik, that they do not know they all are being laughed at?

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  1. Diana
    July 31, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    Months ago I felt Land's commercials were soft and never delivered a clean message. It will be no surprise that she loses the election. The leadership in the MIGOP should be ashamed of the campaign they are running for U S Senate. Its pretty band and hope I'll be proven wrong.

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