Just STOP Already!

Government simply has no idea when its time to quit tampering.

sexy2In a move to further justify the existence of the MEDC, there is yet another mechanism to interfere with your life

Yes “your life,” through your community, tampering with local politics, issues and governance.  The increasingly progressive left ‘Republican’ governor Rick Snyder has once again created a new ‘tool’ for communities to manage job creation and success. Usurping the GOP theme of lifting all boats to sell big government, the die is set for more interference.

“We can collaborate with communities to help develop the tools to advance a strong economic vision and create new career opportunities for residents,” Snyder said. “This program will help economically challenged communities be better positioned for redevelopment opportunities. “

The new effort, known as Rising Tide, is sponsored by the Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development and will provide communities with the tools they need to design and build a solid planning, zoning and economic development foundation to attract new businesses and help existing employers to grow.

“As the saying goes, a Rising Tide lifts all boats,” said Steve Arwood, TED Director and Michigan Economic Development Corporation CEO. “Through this initiative, the TED team will work closely with local leaders as they create vibrant and thriving communities across Michigan.”

And if there isn’t a ring of familiarity to this, you may not have been watching your local government create those helpful little ‘authorities’ which rob your township and municipal treasuries under the auspices of creating value.

One must ask HOW the government would create “vibrant and thriving communities.” If it is by providing incentive, does it not interfere with the natural selection of business skills?  If it is through displacement of unwelcome types of business to make a ‘cool city,’ does it not cheat someone of their ‘opportunity?’ If it takes your taxes and redistributes directly or through infrastructure to specifically reward prospective employers, does it not punish you to build a competitor?

Ive mentioned such things before.

Another authority was/is being foisted upon unsuspecting business owners, and the vote to move forward was going to happen upon the conclusion of the hearing at the East Bay TWP meeting tonight. A DDA type of authority based on the 2005 PA 280 which allows for the creation of “Corridor Improvement Authorities” in certain districts. A process which usually involves SOMEBODY making a boat load of cash in the process. (Thank you to a certain Mackinac fellow for reminding me of this earlier today.)

Studying PA280 up and down, I realized that for all the claims of “no additional costs to the business owners” there were in fact risks. But from a pure property rights standpoint what was really more troubling was the possibility of further limits on land use for those who would be STUCK operating under the authority.

One particular individual (a professional planner) seems to be driving this, and he does not even live within the authority area, or even the township.

His efforts earn the Sexy But Stupid icon.

We are more than happy to give it out again.

And seriously, to provide communities with the tools they need to design and build a solid planning, zoning and economic development foundation to attract new businesses and help existing employers to grow is the plan?

Does anyone really think its easier to start a business in an environment where government has firmly taken root in this way? Outside of making sure that a smoke spewing factory is not built in a residential neighborhood, or that porn emporiums are not next to your local schools or daycare, is it really necessary to have an increasingly heavy hand of a do-good local committee?

Is it so improbable, that a man or woman with a good idea could possibly survive the business world without government paving the way with carve-outs, incentives and location rewards?  Is the newest generation of ‘creators’ so emasculated, that the thought of carving out an enterprise in a barriers free environment has them cowering in their subsidized lofts sipping Starbucks lattes?

And all of this premised on the “You Didn’t build that” theme, is acceptable?  Since when?

Oh yeah.

h/t Bill B.

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  2 comments for “Just STOP Already!

  1. Corinthian Scales
    September 29, 2015 at 9:53 pm

    I don't believe you're seeing what this is designed for 'cause it clearly ain't intended for the peon little guy startups.

    Just a reminder: http://rightmi.com/old/www.rightmichigan.com/story/2013/7/26/81949/1279.html

    Bottom line. Icahn and Trump are right. These thieving pricks ^ need to pay more taxes.

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  2. KG One
    September 30, 2015 at 8:29 am

    Before that imbecile Snyder comes up with yet another cockamamie scheme to shake people down for more money (and strangely cannot find and money to fix Michigan Roads with the money Lansing already takes from us), someone really needs to strap him into a a chair and force him to watch the miniseries "The Men who built America" all the way through.

    Curious how much America was able to grow over that time when government wasn't even a fraction as intrusive as it is today.

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