It’s time to Unlock Michigan.

Have you had enough yet?

Fellow Liberty-Minded Michiganians,

We are currently at a historic crossroad within our state.

Our governor has taken it upon herself, to bestow her office with virtually unlimited power and authority.

She has utilized that to imprison our fellow citizens within their own homes, unilaterally decided which Michiganians are essential along with those of us who are not, has placed the health and safety of our most vulnerable population in mortal danger for the sake of her own bureaucratic convenience, has significantly damaged Michigan’s economy through a series of contradictory and mystifying executive orders and has turned Michiganian against Michiganian via the same.

This MUST stop!

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My name is Kevin Grand, I am a County Coordinator for Unlock Michigan, and we need your help!

Join the Fight to Unlock Michigan

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has a position so extreme we must take action: she claims the power to unilaterally declare a State of Emergency and indefinitely rule by decree, with no limits on her authority to micromanage every aspect of life, society, and commerce, for as long as she likes.

Using an obscure World War II-era law, Whitmer has issued a blizzard of over 100 executive decrees, with no accountability to your elected representatives, no public input — and no end in sight!

We believe Whitmer’s crushing lockdown of life and business across Michigan is a dangerous threat to our livelihoods and constitutional liberties. So, we’re taking action to UNLOCK MICHIGAN by repealing this antiquated “emergency” law, removing dictatorial power from this governor and every future governor, and restoring checks and balances to Michigan before it’s too late.

You’re the key to unlocking Michigan.

Sign our official petition and join the fight!

How does this petition work?

Michigan’s constitution allows citizens to initiate their own legislation. With enough valid signatures, the legislature can vote on this proposal, and when passed, it becomes law without the governor’s signature. We must collect over 425,000 signatures from registered voters and do so quickly!

What law is repealed by this petition?

This initiated legislation would repeal the Emergency Powers of the Governor Act of 1945. Governor Whitmer has misused this law to assume sweeping, permanent powers the legislature never intended a governor to have, in violation of the Separation of Powers doctrine. The governor would still have certain powers under the 1976 Emergency Management Act, but that law requires approval from the legislature every 28 days to extend a “state of emergency.” No politician in America should ever have the unlimited power this governor is wielding.

So, how can you help Unlock Michigan?

You can find out more about our campaign at our website Unlock Michigan.

There you can request Petition Kits along with finding out where events will be held across our state to help in the process of gathering signatures.

If you are living in Northern Macomb County, you can contact me at this e-mail address, and I can drop off petitions to you as well (even a little sooner), along with picking up completed pages to be turned in.

It is up to us.

Sign up for an official petition and join the fight!

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  2 comments for “It’s time to Unlock Michigan.

  1. Brian Roubal
    July 28, 2020 at 7:18 am

    Hi Kevin,

    I electronically signed this RECALL Whitmer petition on your UNLOCK MICHIGAN web site, was that sufficient as a valid submission from me on that Recall Petition?

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    • Kevin Grand
      July 28, 2020 at 4:39 pm

      Mr. Roubal,

      In order to make it as difficult as possible for Gov. Whitmer and her allies to challenge us on totals, we ask that paper ballots be used.

      If you have family, friends or neighbors who are interested, have them sign as well.

      The more signatures we get, the sooner we can stop the governor.

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