It’s The Supreme Court Stupid

Rock beats scissors. SCOTUS surely MUST beat smug moral discontent.

Hello #NeverTrump folks.

Repeat after me: “I want the United States Supreme Court to actually follow the constitution.  Argue all you want that Trump is not a conservative, and is a loose cannon, etc., but when the rubber hits the road, it cannot be Hillary who names the next SCOTUS nominee.

Just ONE more supreme from the likes of the current left would be a disaster for Michigan. On the basis of the EPA’s effect in Michigan, as well as others, Hugh Hewitt has a point or two to make:

With hardly any effort at all I summoned up a dozen major cases where the switch on the court from 4-4-1 to 5-3-1 would be disastrous, beginning with Michigan v. Environmental Protection Agency, which was last year’s court ruling that reined in the EPA from imposing massive costs on the states without proper rule-making procedure and oversight and the Rapanos decision of 2006 which only gently (and barely) rebuked the Army Corps of Engineers from playing havoc with property rights. The prospect of a massive regulatory state with no meaningful judicial oversight at all did not deter the professor.

The EPA vehicle to property right losses might have been created by Nixon, but it will be nearly any administration as out of control as the current one that will drive it over us.

A second Clinton administration will repeatedly hit reverse to finish the job.

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  1. JD
    August 9, 2016 at 12:56 am

    The future #1 property rights issue on y(our) land will be water-related (period).
    How 'convenient' it will soon be to blame the Feds, the EPA, 'Clinton', the Supreme Court or for that matter Donald Trump for the loss of those rights.
    All politics are local.
    Peninsula-bound Michiganders have long chosen to ignore their OWN politics involving their #1 resource to instead moan about every state or nation around them (when they weren't blaming the Federal government) vs LEADING THEMSELVES on this very subject matter.
    99.9% of residents don't even know that Snyder is right in the middle of the most transformative (damaging) regulatory boondoggle of our lifetimes or any other.,4561,7-135-3313_3677_76614---,00.html
    After inexcusably closing the very advisory board which birthed this perversion (so that no one could comment publicly at it during 'the launch' ) he then chopped up the ugly abortion in to 4 parts spread out during (t)his summer of discontent.

    My generation would LOVE to blame what is about to happen surrounding water, all of the villains above and lost property rights in general on but ONE election and but ONE lost opportunity 'far away' from Lansing ('the EPA' , after all, was the REAL devil poisoning kids here in Michigan).

    I would argue that a stunning lack of competent local/state leadership or just plain common sense among common people of a common generation trumps ANYTHING that the Fed could have POSSIBLY thrown our way...had we not **ALLOWED IT** (which is what that very first march on Washington on 9/12/09 was 'supposed to' SOLVE).

    I prefer to keep any generation-based blame laser focused 'locally' where who our children can more easily 'reach out to' those responsible for their (current and future) extremely predictable lots in life.

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  2. JD
    August 9, 2016 at 1:33 am

    ...I would compare the above to complaining about 'Federal' energy policy during the single most important juncture in American History this side of Rockefeller...yet refusing to pull back the curtain (ala 'Oz') to simply QUESTION in real time the very well connected Michigan legislator ORCHESTRATING the entire sordid mess for years now.

    It's as if we're trying to rewrite history somehow so that our kids will never figure out what hit 'em, from where or who exactly was 'the middleman' perpetually puppeted by D.C. or their own selfish motivations.

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  3. Sue Schwartz
    August 9, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    What "Trumps" the EPA on property rights? How about a forever document to heirs and assigns signed by the President of the United States. Land Patents were issued (paid for in cash) after Michigan became a state authorized by the North West Ordinance and the treaties recognized therein. Before Michigan became a state is was US territory--the US is not allowed to own property and had to divest itself of the land as soon thereafter statehood. A Land Patent is an allodial title which actually is recognized over and above at-law warranty deeds.

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