Imagine what these kids could do with a broom and some yard tools?

The circus never ends.

This weekend instead of doing something (anything) fun, entertaining and constructive over the weekend (we had an Air Show at Selfridge celebrating its 100th Anniversary, the Armada Fair, the Woodward Cruise and many others events here in Southeastern Michigan), a group of adolescent protestors with obviously way too much free time on their hands decided to go after their 15-minutes of fame and emulate their fellow Antifa comrades in Downtown Detroit.

And who did this bunch of rabble-rousers target its ire at?

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So a group known as Black Youth Project 100 (with chapters in New York City, the Bay Area, Chicago, Washington DC, New Orleans, Durham and Detroit) was looking to make their presence known.

Well, obviously their first target was anything related to the Confederacy. That worked wonders in Charlottesville, they surmised, so why change a winning formula.

Unfortunately, since their grasp of American History is sadly lacking, they eventually learned that wouldn’t work after they found out which side Michigan was on during the Civil War.

“Thank God for Michigan”, indeed!

Itching for media attention, they lamented on what they could do.

Just protesting someone in Roseville flying a Confederate Battle Flag over the weekend won’t cut it.

Then one of them had an original scheme (or so they thought); go after other images that they can protest so they can get their faces on TV and in the newspaper.

They chose a bust of Christopher Columbus in Downtown Detroit.

And with bullhorns, black plastic wrap and protest signs in hand, nearly two dozen protestors proceeded to march down Jefferson for their 15-minutes of fame.

At the protest, they wrapped and placed signs on the bust, made several rambling statements that mirrored DNC talking points and then left.

Image protesting “imperialists” in Detroit shamelessly lifted from BYP100 FB page.

Fortunately, no one was hurt or injured (or even paying very much attention to them for that matter). The local media only assigned token coverage to their event because protests like this occur so often that most people don’t even take notice any longer. Especially given the small number of protestors.

So this little exercise in shining the spotlight on people who have done nothing to deserve it got me thinking: What if BYP100 directed their actions elsewhere.

It’s no huge secret that Detroit still lies largely in ruin. I’ve included images in numerous posts previously as to what Detroit actually looks like far away from Downtown.

And here you’ve got, by all appearances, healthy 20-somethings, walking around with nothing better to do. What if they did something worthwhile and constructive for a change?

What if instead of chanting for free stuff and complaining about a system largely instituted by the Democratic Party itself, they did something to make Detroit a better place?

Board up some abandoned houses? Pick up trash in an alleyway, roadway or park? Mow the law in an abandoned field or park? I can go on, but the direction I’m heading should be plainly obvious.

Instead of sitting on their backsides and demanding that things get handed to them, they might want to try directing that energy towards actually accomplishing something that is an improvement over the status quo.

More people just might take notice of them.

Maybe even in a good way for a change?

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