If you want a good reason for four more years.

There is a world of difference between someone who thinks that she can lead and someone who has demonstrated it by his accomplishments.

{2020 SOTU Speech breakdown and mediocre democratic response (I’m feeling generous tonight) below.}

I’ll keep this rundown relatively brief. I thought that this was Pres. Trump’s best one yet.

Starting off by highlighting the things have improved during his term: American Worker take home pay up, unemployment down across all categories and the market up overall, it’s easy to see why Team “d” sat on their hands during most of tonight’s speech.

They’re losing a dependent class of Americans to prey upon.

Well, most of them anyways. The rest of the democrats sat with their arms folded and decided to honor their party’s early history by choosing to wear all white. I cannot help but wonder when someone will take pity on their gross ignorance and explain to them that it didn’t work for Northam, it’s not working for them either tonight.

Pres. Trump gave a shoutout to Sen. McConnell regarding the record number of judicial appointments made during his administration. On an interesting side note, the entire SCOTUS lineup wasn’t there tonight. Most noticeably missing was one RBG. I’ll let readers of this post draw their own conclusions on that observation.

I was surprised that Rush was there tonight given his health situation. I was even more surprised when he was awarded the Medal of Freedom by the FLOTUS right in the middle of his speech. Judging by his reaction, so was Rush.

Choosing to not even acknowledge the democrat side of the room, including his “impeachment”, seemed to rattle that side for over half of the speech.

Until he went after their near and dear issues. That woke up the democrats.

Citing case after case of the damage that illegal aliens have caused, coupled with the democrats aiding and abetting them via their promotion of their “sanctuary cities/state” policies, the democrats were beginning to become visibly agitated.

The case of the 92-year old woman who was sexually assaulted and killed by an illegal alien had Speaker Pelosi gesturing her caucus to settle down.

Sadly, no, the above IS NOT a typo. Some P.O.S. illegal alien DID sexually assault and murder a 92-year old woman.

I’m sure that the democrats are all proud of themselves for promoting the policy of looking out for illegal aliens over American Citizens.

But that didn’t get them nearly as riled up as Pres. Trump’s statement in support of our Second Amendment.

Someone from the peanut gallery couldn’t take any more and made an outburst that wasn’t picked up very well by the microphones in the House, but the reactions from those on camera along with Speaker Pelosi made it abundantly clear that the children were getting very restless.

Two disappointing, but not at all surprising portions of the speech, came at the end from Nancy Pelosi herself.

The first, was when Pres. Trump was speaking about toll the war against islamic terrorism was having on American Families. President Trump cited the example of the Williams Family whose husband and father was deployed overseas and acknowledged them seated in the Gallery. At the end, Pres. Trump surprised everyone watching, by announcing that Sgt. Williams had returned from duty as he walked down the stairs to be reunited with his family.

To their credit, most of the democrats in attendance had enough common sense to get up and give Sgt. Williams a standing ovation for his service to our country.

Regrettably, this didn’t include everyone.

Speaker Pelosi, couldn’t be bothered to get off of her sorry duff and follow the example of her caucus.

The second came right at the very end after the speech had ended, as Pres. Trump was leaving the podium. Speaker Pelosi could be very clearly seen tearing up the copy of Pres. Trump’s State of the Union Speech as he was walking out of the Chamber.

What a class act!

But not to be outdone was Gov. Whitmer’s democratic response.

I could have just had easily left the room for the first five minutes and gotten a drink, because all it contained was a rehash of her SOTS speech from last week.

Giving the camera that creepy grin of hers, not quite an Indrid Cold grin, more like a Gwynplaine grin, she went off on Monty Scott (again), her “doing something” on the roads, gave a shoutout for her hand in the implementation of Snydercaid (thank you, Michigan republicans for that) and unconditional support for Obamacare.

Ironically, she went off on a tangent of Americans who are unable to pay their bills, while simultaneously ignoring the fact that the perpetual double/triple-digit increases in health insurance costs because of Obamacare mandates directly contributed to that problem.

And in case anyone asks, no, she didn’t bring up her plan to take even more money out of your wallet with her 45-cent/gallon gas tax hike which even her fellow democrats didn’t want to introduce.

Gov. Whitmer parroted the DNC talking points of Washington giving out tax cuts to those who do not “need” them. Keep that in mind when she wants another tax hike.

“Love who you want to love”. Just watch your back, because AG Nessel’s thought crime unit will be investigating anyone who disagrees with that philosophy.

Made some vague reference to “women’s bodies”. That wouldn’t have to do with a noticeable absence of a SCOTUS Justice, now would it?

But, the most laughable portion of Gov. Whitmer’s response came at the end. She brought up the sham trial impeachment and reminded viewers that “facts matter”.

It’s a shame that she didn’t bother to elaborate very much on which facts she was specifically referring to?

The FACT that no US Aid was actually withheld?

The FACT that the Trump Administration saw to it that the Ukrainians got missiles while Pres. B.O. only gave them MRE’s?

The FACT that the released transcript, which everyone involved in the impeachment had read, failed to disclose any quid pro quo with Pres. Trump?

The FACT that the Clinton Foundation & the Board of Burisma (i.e. Hunter Biden) were paid an awful lot of money for reasons unknown?

Or, how about the FACT that Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky was indicted by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General not that long ago?

This year’s “response” was about as bad as the democratic response from last year. And what a stellar character that speaker was.

I am SO looking forward to the night of November 3rd!

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  3 comments for “If you want a good reason for four more years.

  1. Sue Schwatrz
    February 5, 2020 at 6:38 pm

    Couple of more things to touch on--the "New" Tuskegee Brig. General with his Great Grandson at his side. Trump talking about this 13 year-old, betcha didn't see his grandfather's story coming. That was just plain fun. And what about the opportunity to jab a governor for vetoing school of choice, then funding a student's school of choice. Come on, you didn't see that coming either. What a wonderful speech. Slept well knowing Trump is our president.

    It was pointed out that not one guest leaked to the press. And, no one leaked to Rush--those damn secrets between husband and wife--not one leak.

    Pelosi kept talking to herself during the speech indicative of her deepening dementia. And, when Trump spoke God--did you see her face? I think Pence should have slapped her face or boxed her ears--well I wanted to do that, but Pence was closer.

    Trump's acquittal, even with POS Willard's guilty vote, another good night's sleep coming my way.

    You Betcha! (3)Nuh Uh.(0)
    • KG One
      February 5, 2020 at 8:14 pm

      Absolutely nothing wrong with any of those, Ms. Schwatrz.

      I just chose the examples above due to the reactions from Team "d".

      I will give VP Pence kudos for maintaining his composure while being stuck for over an hour next to a woman whose elevator doesn't go up to the top floor.

      Oh, and as for Willard.


      You Betcha! (2)Nuh Uh.(0)
      • Sue Schwatrz
        February 6, 2020 at 3:27 pm

        Hopefully KG, was adding to yours. (Smile) PS, Gretchen for VP??????? NO, NO, NO!!!!! We are not gonna be left in a lurch with a POS LT. Gov.

        You Betcha! (1)Nuh Uh.(0)

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