Happy Thanksgiving!

We have been so incredibly blessed as a nation. How could we not offer our thanks to the Lord?

thanksgivingWe give thanks each year as tradition dictates.

As we are today, our forefathers were both good and evil. They were productive and prosperous, or lazy and in despair.  Human nature leads us on many paths, and we often forget where that path started. Sometimes we are purposefully confused so that we do not remember.

With that in mind. Enjoy the following stories of Thanksgiving, each from a different perspective.

Mises – The Great Thanksgiving Hoax

“In his History of Plymouth Plantation, the governor of the colony, William Bradford, reported that the colonists went hungry for years because they refused to work in the field. They preferred instead to steal food. He says the colony was riddled with “corruption,” and with “confusion and discontent.” The crops were small because “much was stolen both by night and day, before it became scarce eatable.”  “

And in a similar vein

Limbaugh – The Real Story of Thanksgiving is Catching on Out There

” William “Bradford, who had become the new governor of the colony, recognized that this form of collectivism was as costly and destructive to the Pilgrims as that first harsh winter, which had taken so many lives. He decided to take bold action. Bradford assigned a plot of land to each family to work and manage,” and it was theirs. He assigned it, but they owned it, “thus turning loose the power of the marketplace. That’s right. Long before Karl Marx was even born, the Pilgrims had discovered and experimented with what could only be described as socialism. And what happened? It didn’t work!”   “

Or, from a native perspective

Mankata – The Real Story Of Thanksgiving

“The killings became more and more frenzied, with days of thanksgiving feasts being held after each successful massacre. George Washington finally suggested that only one day of Thanksgiving per year be set aside instead of celebrating each and every massacre. Later Abraham Lincoln decreed Thanksgiving Day to be a legal national holiday during the Civil War — on the same day he ordered troops to march against the starving Sioux in Minnesota.”

umm Alrighty then..

Folks, just enjoy the day, feast if you can on what God has provided. Share your bounty with those who who have little, so you mayu become a part of the Lord’s blessing.

And one last thing.

Don’t be surprised if a Lions win makes the turkey taste a little off this year.



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