‘Grand Bargain’ the Movie

Starring, Rick Snyder with his ‘reinvented’ Michigan Film Office Advisory Council.

FourOdiousAssholesSnyder announced Thursday that he was renominating a second film council member whose term was expiring along with Moore’s.

The governor says Birmingham advertising executive Bill Ludwig will remain on the 14-member board, along with new member Ted Serbinski of Birmingham. Serbinski works with Detroit Venture Partners and is an ex-director of technology for A&E Television.

Detroit Venture Partners? Well, isn’t that special. The sad part is that Boobus Michiganderus will fixate on ousting hypocrite Michael Moore, while putting the on blinders to Slick Rick creating his brand of crony capitalism propaganda bureaucracy for his non-bailout Detroit Bailout wealth redistribution scheme.

Bonus? Maybe now that young Tedly is onboard, Modus OpeRandy might get his television shows he’s wanted before his term expires, and limits save us from more damage created by the pandering schmuck.

This state is so f**ked.

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  1. KG One
    September 23, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    One of the interesting things that I've seen spring up across Michigan over the past few weeks are these billboards with an image of seniors on one side and a very simple message on the other:"Gov. Snyder raised taxes on my pensions."

    I'd love to see one of those seniors go up and ask him during his upcoming dog and pony show why he feels that Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill need that money far more than any Michigan senior does?

    And for the record: I never have bet anywhere even close to $30k on Blackjack in my entire life, much less in one night.

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