Glad To See The Free Press Still Reads

Sometimes it just takes the 'B' Team to get the conversation going.

SnydercaidA shame however that they still don’t quite understand why we are ‘right.’

We have pointed out consistently why the ACA was a bad deal.  We have pointed out correctly why Michigan should never have engaged on the self destruct that is ‘Healthy Michigan’ And just the other day we pointed out with reliable and credible sources that our predictions have been spot on.

But knowing there is a problem and correctly identifying it are two different things. We have on multiple occasions offered an accurate ‘why’ of what is going to happen.

Its what we do.

The Ivory Tower now sees there is a problem, yet opines that we are too afraid to pay the taxes for the problem, and that the FEAR of paying IS THE PROBLEM!

“If the Legislature doesn’t extend, and increase, a tax on insurers and some claims administrators, the state won’t be able to fund its current Medicaid programs. In 2017, the state’s costs will go up, something lawmakers have known for years and have they had sufficient time to craft a plan to cover the cost increase.”

A tax increase, or replacement is ALWAYS the solution, yes?

Its like food.  Fill the belly, and eventually there is a biological event that is unavoidable.  The beast that is government is still eating every last liberty and washing it down with the fruit of our labors. The editorial board of the Detroit Free Press bemoans “those who live by this ideology, all taxes are bad, all government is bad, and the only reason to get elected is to cut government past the point of functionality.”

Why should we be surprised that it is, and will continue to be defecating all over the taxpayers

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  2 comments for “Glad To See The Free Press Still Reads

  1. KG One
    September 16, 2015 at 10:38 pm

    Well Stephen Henderson and Nancy Kaffer are a little slow on the uptake sometimes.

    But did anyone notice that they are always the first to suggest that others pay to assuage their guilty consciences and never seem to be able to find their own wallets whenever the bill comes due?

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    • Granny617
      September 17, 2015 at 9:14 am

      That is because these so called "journalists" were educated in our socialist/communist educational institutions. These institutions are nothing but propaganda machines. They don't want to report the crap that our legislators are traitors to every single taxpayer in this state. If they reported the truth about what happens in the People's Republic of Lansing and hammered them for this crap - the taxpayers would revolt and hold them accountable. Can't have that can we?

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