Ghosts Of Thanksgiving Past

Some highlights from former Thanksgiving related postings.

thanksgiving-washingtonSome selections from prior Thanksgivings at RightMichigan.

Some links might be broken, but the overall effort is worth it.  Starting 5 years ago:

Thanksgiving In the Sphere 2011

Detroit Wayne County Conservative (via the Examiner) Conservative – Thanksgiving 2011

CapCon – Larry Reed Classic – There’d Be No Thanksgiving Without The Profit Motive

Core Principles – Thanksgiving The Result Of Free Enterprise And Prayer

Dave Lambert – The Four Freedoms

The Minority Report – What Your Turkey Ate

Here Comes Later –A Morning Salute

Michigan Right To Life – Abortion Clinics Closed Permanently

Motor City Times – Thanksgiving Morning Linkage!  WOW!

The Stoeker Factor – Last Comment Worth the Link.

The Wizard Of Laws – Giving Thanks

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In 2012, we had even more blogs to share.  Some with repeat performances, others brand spanky new. Always check out the comments. Always.

Thanksgiving Day In The Sphere 2012

Happy Thanksgiving day to our community. God has given us life, freedom, and all manner of other blessings. Not the least of which might be the ability to communicate with others among us.

Capitol Confidential – There’d Be No Thanksgiving Without the Profit Motive

NetRight Daily – A Thanksgiving Lesson

Bible Math Politics & More! –
A Hymn Of Thanksgiving

Conservative Perspective –Happy Thanksgiving – ‘Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini Tuo da Gloriam’

Classical Values – Happy Thanksgiving

Hall Of Record – Thankful We Do Not Live In New York City

Grassroots In Michigan –A Story Of Thanksgiving

The Minority Report –Happy ThanksGiving

[CFP Through] Muskegan Pundit –Make Thanksgiving 2012 an `Agenda 21 Knowing Thanksgiving’

The Powers That Be –Obama Pardons and Absolves Turkey

Thoughts & Rantings –Happy Thanksgiving 2012

And of course:
RightMichigan – Thanksgiving Day Proclamation of 1789

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In 2013, we must not have been on our Thanksgiving game.  Although the Detroit Lions were.

In 2014, one of the posts even considering the possibility of another potential Lions Thanksgiving day win.  Couldn’t happen twice in a row, right? Well yes it did, and then again in 2015 making a new tradition, perhaps?  The picture below was fun however.  From an interview given by Sarah Palin, with the turkey processing in the background?  Priceless!

We have been so incredibly blessed as a nation. How could we not offer our thanks to the Lord?

thanksgivingWe give thanks each year as tradition dictates.

As we are today, our forefathers were both good and evil. They were productive and prosperous, or lazy and in despair.  Human nature leads us on many paths, and we often forget where that path started. Sometimes we are purposefully confused so that we do not remember.

With that in mind. Enjoy the following stories of Thanksgiving, each from a different perspective.

Blogging is becoming a lost art.  Folks are wasting their efforts on FB alone, and the pickings are getting slim out there.  In our Thanksgiving 2015 post, we pretty much went with a picture of a lucky bird.


Happy thanksgiving!

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