Getting It Backward

Qualified immunity should be challenged when used as a shield to abuse private citizens.

AG Dana Nessel is not working for Michigan.  At least not for the people of Michigan.

Instead, Dana Nessel is actively combating those who take action against an out-of-control government. Her efforts include threats to those who would DARE to challenge the outcome of the elections or who would challenge the activities that occurred during the election itself.

Our “chief law enforcement officer” (her claim – not ours) failed to address the credible and direct threats to a member of a certification board, resulting in a coerced and wrongful sanction of Wayne County’s election disaster. Our “chief law enforcement officer” not only did not follow up on the real law breaking, the state then revealed that the canvassers who had only voted to certify only under duress and promises of an audit, that there would be no take-backs!

Real Law Enforcement had to step in and do the job a malfeasant AG could not meaningfully manage.

She suggests loss of license to practice law, monetary damages, and other punitive reprisals for anyone having the gall to attempt to challenge or correct the clearly tampered with election of Nov 3rd. She does so in a way that is designed to chill any further actions or voices that question the increasingly inept manner in which the ‘constitutional’ figureheads of Michigan operate.

Perhaps she does so because she is feeling particularly invulnerable, and stronger by democrat nominated Supreme court wins, and thinks she can throw her weight around with impunity. …Perhaps she can.

However, the irony of her actions and those of the Governor, and of the SOS, are made increasingly clear when one looks at how easily attempts to destroy a personal life or livelihood are done. Done so easily as punishment for merely “trying to seek redress” for wrongs, real or implied, in juxtaposition to the established doctrine of qualified immunity that in reality protects people like herself personally for gross malfeasance and abuse of office.

The concept of protection for one who so clearly has a hatred for a particular class of human being (Men) as to be officially sanctioning bigotry from the AG’s office is simply disgusting. It is also a reminder that 2018’s election might also be questioned, and placed as being suspect to interference from bad actors and using the very same equipment we now KNOW is capable of manipulation both locally and from afar. (BTW – the ‘fact-checkers’ rushed to claim this is false with no basis of their own)

Unfortunately THOSE ballots have been long destroyed.

Clearly, as Donald Trump begins his 2nd term, he MUST get the justice department to look at the Michigan AG’s office as well as the abuses suffered by the good people of Michigan under criminal operation of the SOS, and abuse of authority by the Governor directly. Dana Nessel’s criminal abuse of power will be only just starting to bloom if she is allowed to intimidate those who dare to ask for fairness and equal protections under the law.

No person in Michigan can expect any protections from the AG’s office unless they are a well connected Democrat or are missing her phallic enemy number one, the very dangerous male reproductive appendage from which all bad things emanate according to at least one campaign video she has published.

Nessel is an embarrassment to those of us in Michigan.  Lacking any decency and standards, she as well as with Whitmer and Benson, represents the governance model normally found in only despotic shithole third world countries. And to be clear, her abuses stem not from her gender, but from the wretchedness which is in her soul.

She is a monster.

And we continue to pay for her abusive and reprobate behavior.

Its bad enough we cannot personally extract a price from those who wreck lives with their malfeasance and abuse of office due to doctrinal umbrellas. It is troubling even more-so, when those positions allow the hammer of government to be used as tools of retribution for even suggesting such abuse exists in the first place.

This nation cannot countenance such evil for long.

And it likely won’t.

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  3 comments for “Getting It Backward

  1. B. Roubal
    December 24, 2020 at 2:11 pm

    Nessel certainly doesn’t defend the US Constitution she swore to defend, when she took the AG position. She needs to go ASAP.!!!

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    December 24, 2020 at 4:34 pm

    May want to Rumble this. Enjoy!

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  3. Sue Schwatrz
    December 24, 2020 at 11:37 pm

    As I've stated here before, the 2018 election involved the exact same nonsense as 2020. Here's the secret, duhminion takes photos of ballots and then manipulates them towards the desired outcome. A digital trail is a forever thingy. And this "adjudication" and MaChines were on line all election day, and the exact same thing that happened in Detroit in 2018 happened in 2020, but with more arrogance. Yes, duhminion reps were all over the place too. And, 2018 occurred about 45 days after the EO. Does anyone think gretch et al won and John James Lost in 2018?

    Watch for assets to be seized. This will come first.

    Trump is and will stay our president in 2021. Will gretch et al still be in place in 2021?

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