An open letter to President Trump.

Mr President, don’t let the failures of AG Sessions define your presidency.

As it turns out was a pretty significant mistake to allow him to stay off hands from the ongoing nonsense (Russia, etc) that is being performed by your enemies.  Make no mistake, these people are looking for some chink in the armor, and those around you who may have forgotten even the most minute details, are threatened with process crimes, that have nothing to do with what the investigation is purportedly about.

This could have been averted by a little show of strength by the attorney general, yet remains ongoing, with the wasting of taxpayer resources. Jeff sessions might be loyal, intelligent, and conservative at his core, but he is proving to be foolish.

The above is water under the bridge now.  It was and remains a waste of time, but will amount to nothing in the end.  The AG is about to undertake another mission however, that promises to lose you broad support, and ultimately cost the nation billions in wasted enforcement effort.

The effort of Jeff Sessions to ‘crack down’ on the recent marijuana surge is a misguided move, guaranteed to lose seats in legislatures, congress, and threaten expensive state lawsuits.

We agree that marijuana use is bad.  Personally, I have witnessed enough to know its effect on the brain, motivation, and  motor reflexes.  While it has documented medicinal qualities, the efforts to make it available as medicine are often abused, and by conversion, used to mask recreational use.

Michigan is no exception, with a less-than-clear mandate by the people to allow it’s use medicinally, and a potential recreational effort soon to happen.  In some ways it is a disaster, and in others it may be economic opportunity.

This genie is clearly out of the bottle.

Mr president, may be so bold as to suggest other ways of approaching the problem that would excite our Libertarian leaning friends, salve the #NeverPot conservatives, and provide ZERO ammunition to the progressive left?  Allow me a three point solution.

  • First, get Sessions as far away from marijuana enforcement as you can.  Distance your administration from any measures that will reflect on your leadership as being ‘hardline.’  This will protect those who you advocate for in future elections, as well as allow your base of support to broaden.  You do not want to be seen as being against individual (and state’s) rights.
  • Secondly, get a commitment from Congress to investigate the real cost to society through health, social, and rehabilitation programs, as well as any spin off effects that cost us, so that a basis can be made for point three.
  • Third, outlaw federal all social safety nets to those individuals, and jurisdictions that use or allow the use of Marijuana except under the strictest guidelines set by Congress.

Mr President, we are often reminded by those who smoke dope that “It is a victim-less crime,” and that if it doesn’t affect us, “we should have no say in its use.”

I tend to agree with that, but only if we make sure to protect that liberty by removing its effect from those of us who prefer to remain drug free.   The moral imperative is to actually allow those who ‘partake’ in the use of Marijuana to do so; but with the full knowledge they must not also be required to receive our (taxpayer subsidized) assistance when that decision process becomes problematic.

Before it is too late, reign in the AG Mr. President.  Already opposing political forces are seeing a way in which to use his efforts against your administration, and the Republican party.  Logically, the effort seems worth it under the social structure we operate, but a return to a more ordered liberty would be better assured by limiting the after effects and holding the users fully responsible in ways that cost this nation far less than a costly, authoritative, and legally brutal approach.

Thank you




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  1. Corinthian Scales
    January 7, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    "First, get Sessions as far away from marijuana enforcement as you can. Distance your administration from any measures that will reflect on your leadership as being ‘hardline.’"

    YGBKM. Jeff Sessions is restoring Rule-of-Law to the office of AG. If you want to place blame, then that's on Barry Soetoro who selectively chose to ignore whatever law that didn't fit his gay mulatto agenda.

    Only a shallow-minded fool would ever see it as otherwise (Yes, Nolan Finley's January 6, op-ed).

    Matter of fact, if "This genie is clearly out of the bottle," then it's way past time for all 535 congresscritters to get the lead out of their collective asses with settling this issue once and for all:

    Until then, President Trump, and AG Sessions, are upholding Law, which is precisely why the MAGA agenda won November 8, 2016.

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    • Jason
      January 7, 2018 at 10:13 pm

      Upholding which law? A federal drug enforcement statute? What if the AG upheld the Law of the land; that which the federal government operates under?

      Some of us call it the constitution. Which begs the question: "which part of the constitution gives authority to the federal government to determine what we ingest?"

      Arguments can be made with an abuse of the commerce clause, OR possibly an abuse of general welfare language, but the reality is that the real problems caused have more to do with the overreach in the social welfare state anyhow.

      Why on earth would we squander resources fighting this losing battle when we can get a double win by approaching it as I have said.

      As an aside, what makes dope smoking mo betta than marijuana? If they can press the outlaw statutes on this, the cig nazis have a far better foothold.

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      • Corinthian Scales
        January 8, 2018 at 3:43 am

        Well, "some of us" call it intrastate commerce. Be mindful for whom you awarded "Constitutional Defender" - note "Michigander" co-sponsor of HB 1227.

        Bottom line: either Marihuana (legal spelling) leaves Schedule 1, or you're only shitting yourself. Sounding as about as dumb as all the assholes at the time who allowed repeal of Prohibition repeal. Lawyers. They won. Profit was taxing it and, the punitive side. That's where Americans lost their Right to Travel. Swabbing high-ons fills the gap of those who does not drink outside of their house anymore (smoking ban helped that). Weed? Like shooting fish in a barrel.

        Wait till they figure out Zero Tolerance on the waterways! What a hoot.

        hint* boat registrations are in decline.

        I wonder why....



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  2. Sue Schwartz
    January 8, 2018 at 12:25 pm

    What is really going on is "Trump thunk". He made his position known on DACA and immigration. So, what did he do--he threw it back to congress. In this issue, look what happened--in moments both sides of the aisle started screaming and yelling. What's the next step--change the law. In Trump thunk, he wants resources focused on the importing of the hard drugs (and opiods) coming in via gangs, money of which is funding issues harming us. I'm betting by the end of next month, we'll have a law taking the the fed's outta this pot discussion and it could be as easy as changing Pot's drug classification. After all, it is an election year and Trump has successfully changed the discussion, without tweeting, mind you, to engage folks not otherwise engaged. Brilliant Trump thunk.

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