Don’t try it, Speaker Bolger.

With the days of the 97th Michigan Legislature winding down, things are beginning to get real interesting in the days leading up to the general.

In an effort to not appear “bigoted”, “mean-spirited”, “close-minded”…pretty much called everything up to (if not) including the Anti-Christ, you really got to hustle to get those thousands in donations from LGBTIQ-groups like Tim Gill Foundation & ATT Michigan (can’t forget the DeVos’), into your Restore Michigan Fund to show some returns.

But you don’t want to infuriate your party’s base any more than they already are and hand over the Governor’s Office and the Michigan House over to the democrats.

Well, Speaker Bolger thinks that he may have found a solution.

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Taking a page from the recent Hobby Lobby victory, Rep. Bolger thinks that he has a solution: Enact a Michigan-based version of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act to be considered with, but not necessarily tie-barred to, expanding Elliot-Larsen.

One has to look no further than the recent Detroit Bailout to see what happens when you write legislation without having the foresight to include tie-barring anything together.

We’ve already seen what happens when state departments run amok and take it upon themselves to make a name for themselves.

Does anyone here want to see any Michigan-based businesses facing the P.C. police after some discontented member of the LGBTIQ-crowd claims that they have been “discriminated” against simply because that business’ model/philosophy doesn’t condone the LGBTIQ lifestyle?

I don’t know what was said in order to get those groups to make the level of donations that they had. I’m not even sure on why you thought you could keep what was said to them given the numerous Constitutional protections in place your donors wish to circumvent.

Quite honestly, that’s your problem.

Speaking as a Michigan Resident, I do not want to see any Michigan-based businesses or individuals facing fines or any other legal problems…no scratch that. I do not want to see their religious rights discriminated against like they we have seen in states like Indiana, Oregon, Colorado and New York just to name a few simply because someone from the LGBTIQ-crowd doesn’t want to hear the word “No”.


We already have the Michigan Constitution (Art. 1 Sec. 2, Art. 1 Sec. 4, Art. 1 Sec. 9) along with the First Amendment to the US Constitution on the side of what is right.

It might be time to re-read that oath you took when you were sworn into your office before proceeding any further.

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  1. Tim Bos
    September 22, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    One of the most disturbing aspects about this whole affair is that this has a "Republican" Governor's blessing.

    You have to know that before the money from the left was deposited in Bolger's pockets, assurances had to be made that a "honest", good-faith effort would be made to expand Elliot-Larson. And that would require the thumbs up from Snyder, because there wouldn't be any sense in hanging the GOP members of both chambers out there if Snyder was just going to veto the bill.

    Jase Bolger has not tried to hide the fact that he's sold his soul, and he deserves all the flak in the world for this additional attack on the property rights of our state's business community. And Richardville...........well, he's been for sale for years on end, and makes snails and nightcrawlers squirm with envy upon seeing the slime trail following him.

    But realistically, the buck stops at Snyder's desk, and it's painfully clear that the unity message that's falling on deaf ears in the Conservative grassroots is now aimed directly at his soulmates in the Democratic Party.

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    • KG One
      September 23, 2014 at 2:28 pm

      If anyone has the time and wants to see how widespread this has become, I highly recommend clicking on the "MI Campaign Finance" under the "Investigative Resources" tab at the top of this page.

      Key in things like "Restore Michigan Fund" (check out whose name is squarely at the top of that list), ATT Michigan, and several other key words of groups and large corporations I've included in the tags at the bottom of this post.

      I can't tell you how much response I've gotten so far from people (most of it, to put it mildly, furious), from people who honestly had no idea how much the LGBTIQ-crowd has kicked into the coffers of "conservative" republicans across Michigan.

      The MSM here in Michigan (cough, cough...Detroit News) might report on the support aspect from the LGBTIQ-crowd to republicans, but won't touch on the actual dollar amount because even they know what a Pandora's Box that topic will open just before an election.

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