Donald Trump JR In Traverse City

Jr, joined by Ted Nugent et al made an amazing speech in TC today!

Unscripted and impactful!

When folks started to arrive the temperatures were about 35 degrees, and the wind was blowing hard.  The sun was shining however, and the Saturday Traverse City matinee to the main event Monday could not have been better. Donald Trump Junior blew it up!

General Jack Bergman (incumbent/candidate CD1), and John Roth (candidate R-104) opened the event, and were followed up with Ted Nugent and Cam Hanes doing warm up for the son of our President.  A warm up I might add, that was both entertaining, (Think hunting stories about truck beds full of goats) but not even necessary!

The President’s progeny brought it home.

Donald Trump JR showing the kind of energy we’ve seen from his father, spoke about the differences between the presidential candidates, and how the media seems to be running the Democratic campaign of Biden Harris.  He also correctly compared the treatment he received as the son of the president versus the complete coverup by the narrative brokers who pretend to be the ‘free press’ in our nation today.

He was both well received and applauded frequently. He may be back with the president during the Monday visits to Michigan in Traverse City, and the grand finale in Grand Rapids!

Take heart conservatives.

The Trump family is hard at work, and if we do our part, we can save this nation for 4 more years!




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