Do You Miss Her Yet?

House GOP membership toes the line like good little minions.

gamratAs the inflation protected taxes and unnecessary fees are imposed, the shame of those who ‘unelected’ a particular representative from Allegan County should be pronounced and clear.

Cindy Gamrat would have provided you with cover Representative Gary Glenn. I don’t see you bragging this one up like your near-miss confiscation legislation. You voted to remove her to keep your house overlords happy.  Aren’t you proud?

Farm bureau will still love you Triston Cole, as the fuel taxes and registration don’t hurt your lobbying buds.  Never mind the rest of the suckers who bought the AFP nonsense in the last election cycle that you would fight for the taxpayers.

Oh yeah those guys..

Sure enough, something must have happened to AFP along the way to the bank.  Ever since Scott Hagerstrom was departed from the ranks of the organizing 501(c)4, it seems to have lost its way. What was once the messenger of a clearly recognizable message of no new taxes, or growth of government, has now apparently blessed this newest blasphemy of conservative principle. Representative *Larry Inman says in a response to a text:

“Hi Jason, Pete Lund says he will accept our package, mostly coming from the General fund and user fees. We needed some gas tax. Senate and Governor told us to do it to fix the roads.”

So now AFP calls the shots along with the RINO governor?

Pete Lund of the AFP says “he will accept” the package.   How special. Why do we bother sending anyone to Lansing anymore if they cannot abide by the principles they campaign on.  Why do we bother with pretenders?

What about it Lee Chatfield?  Is the same moral compass which drove you to throw out due process last month pointing North now?  Are you happy to have been pushed into a corner where you can no longer appropriately represent your district; many of whom in it cannot afford the trivial increases you just voted to support in ever increasing perpetuity?

And Pete Pettallia?  Your comment :

“How many times in this legislative body  have we sat here and gave up almost perfect for perfect”

Is absurd.

How many times have you truly thought that a tax increase on many levels was “almost perfect?”  Perhaps you might reconsider what ideological direction you think you lean?  ‘Conservative’ is surely not a part of it.  Adding more burden onto THIS is not at all close or near perfect.

I suppose we had an opportunity for almost perfect Mr Pettallia.  But you, along with the other aforementioned ‘conservative’ Republicans wasted no time in removing that. Trite soundbites and a disingenuous presentation of what is good, almost good, etc. are a waste of your constituent’s time.

While all of these presumably conservative (and many others unnamed here) operatives of the progressive agenda tell us that they have tried hard to keep from raising taxes, they continue to ratchet up the cost of living in this state.

All we see is yellow rain from Lansing.

There were at least a couple who would not blindly sign the caucus loyalty pledge.  They were seen as a threat to the ‘high tax and abuse of the taxpayer’ agenda and summarily removed as soon as an opportunity presented itself.  They were ‘almost perfect’ using Mr Petallia’s parlance, but apparently that was not only not-good-enough, but an obstacle to the central plans of ‘leadership.’

Sadly, dissent in the ranks is not allowed.  No longer can a representative objectively oppose bad legislation for fear of being excised from the promise power and money that guarantees them a political future.  They have no will, no desire, no compulsion or conscience.

The political souls have been claimed for the go-along get-along gang, and since the departure of internal opposition, operations are running as normal.



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  5 comments for “Do You Miss Her Yet?

  1. October 22, 2015 at 11:38 am

    FYI. Representative Inman now reports Lund did NOT like the gas tax portion.

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    October 22, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    Can we petition our government fast enough to show them where to go? Anyone know the timeline????

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  3. Conservative First
    October 22, 2015 at 7:38 pm

    Hagerstrom was forced out of AFP due to the pressure of some major donors (guess who) supporting Proposal 1. AFP was gearing up to fight it until he left, after which they were totally silent. Pete Lund had a pretty good record in the legislature, but he was always a 'team player', and is unlikely to seriously challenge the establishment.

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  4. October 23, 2015 at 9:14 am

    *Asterix added. Pete Lund apparently disagrees with what was stated above.

    He is certainly invited to clarify at any time.

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