Discord & Disarray

Between bad proposals, and the best intentions the timing couldn't be worse.

Lobbyists know that our legislators have blind spots.

Its not that all legislators are blind, ignorant, foolish, or even downright incompetent.  Just most of them falling into one or more of those categories.

Unfortunately, some have gone back to the trough of stupid ideas a little too often.  Enough in fact, that they don’t even see the real reasons they are suddenly inundated with far reaching demands for change emanating from the pits of hell masquerading as fixes that are long overdue.

The convention of states (COS), and National Popular Vote (NPV) are two such changes that if successful, could threaten our very Republic.  The COS, in a way that opens the doors to quite literally writing out the very protections enshrined in our constitution.  The NPV, as a means to enable mob rule, and permanently entrench those who can then control media and other information sources.

And what about that NPV?

Repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth.  At least according to one evil bastard once upon a time, anyhow.  So the falsehood that “if we don’t do something now, the Democrats will take Texas, and its all over” is now personal gospel to some.  The expressed ‘fear’ that the electoral college is about to permanently thrust the Democrats permanently into power is what appears to be driving wayward Republicans into the NPV camp, which will ..permanently thrust globalist leftists into power.

I see a distinction there.

Never mind that pesky historical stuff.  The electoral college has allowed multiple parties to enjoy the opportunity of engaging the presidency without a monopoly over the last couple of centuries.  Never mind that Jonathan Soros was in 2011, calling for the change some GOP lawmakers are now embracing. Never mind that the 2016 election results would have been horrendously different had the NPV been in place at that time.

“It’s coming,” we are being told by paid shills who pretend to be otherwise conservative but will sell us down the river for thirty pieces of silver.  Sorry Saul, but I’m willing to take the ‘cheap shot’ when its needed to wake folks up.  The irony of Jon Soros being involved is palpable, given the history of his father’s betrayal of his own people.  The parallels are somewhat hard to ignore.

Liberal John Koza and Liberal Tom Golisano, who are seen as the backers of this movement are most certainly only the front men.  Its doubtful if they are actually using their own money.  If one believes its all on them, then they might also believe the story that keeping the electoral college with an NPV in place actually means something.

This is a leftist play that effectively finishes the job that the 17th amendment started.  Turning our Republic into a full blown Democracy.  replacing political bulwarks and safeguards with the essence of mob rule, from which there is no coming back, and giving incredible power to the fifth estate.

Or perhaps more-so to the Gods of the copybook headings.

But why now? It’s 60 days to an election that could reshape Michigan’s political makeup.  What is motivating the sudden influx of NPV efforts, Hawaii vacations, and likely bribes to move legislators in this direction at THIS MOMENT IN TIME?  What’s the rush?

Why now, is the COS being brought up, even as we already begin to repair the constitution from the socialist/authoritarian and abusive nightmare that was the previous administration?

Is it a way in which to make a win possible for the Democrat in the 2020 election?  Is it a way to make sure that efforts to suppress illegal voting have the least impact; at least until the new Democrat overlords are more firmly in place?  Is it a way to inflict a new (and improved) constitution upon us; one that is more sensitive to our ‘feelings’ and personal indignance?

Perhaps it is something else.

The concentration right now as we see it, is in the state of Michigan.  An entire slate of state officeholders could hypothetically be swapped in this election. Short of a few state wide education seats, sheriffs, and townships, its nearly all up for grabs.

When better to roll out two extremely dangerous concepts, and put a full-on press than just weeks before an election?  What better time to take advantage of and maximize the distance between the wary traditionalists, and the elected class who purport to represent them?

Legislators can be easily swayed when a reasonable argument can be made that such changes fall within their understanding of law and consequence.  Lobbyists are not merely walking placards for their particular interests.  They are trained to work with the personalities that occupy elected offices, and they learn fast what motivates the representatives we send.

Our champions nearly always want to do what is right, but they are human, and humans are predictable. They want to be reelected, they want appreciation for their actions, and sometimes a personal conflict has shaped their perspective.  Some might even believe that advantages need to be built into the process to protect their party from the dangers of the other party.

Of the latter, they are intending for the good of their own, yet ignorant of themselves as being played for fools.  And as so many decisions made in government are done so to ‘help,’ the solution almost always creates a newer, more terrible problem to be solved.

Of course there are those who remain reticent to listen to the yokels who aren’t elected; to those who aren’t smart, or cunning enough to have attained elective office.  The ones ‘not fit to serve.’

There are legislators who decry the irritation of such traditionalists, conservatives, and patriots among us who cry “CONSTITUTION” when the lawmakers try to do something in violation of their oath to uphold that pesky old dogma.  As-if, that is some crazy and unearned concern, and those who do declare the worth of our founding documents, can be dismissed as extreme.

No.  ‘Extreme’ is when the long guns come out.

Our Republic is in danger.  It always has been. And it will be until it has been disposed of; either through a constitutional con job, or an agreement by flyover states to give up their relevance in the presidential contests.

And as one might expect, the Democrats have little concern about such things as COS or NPV.  They have willing mercenaries, from illegal invaders, to those who buy soy ink by the barrel to do their work. Democrats might not even permanently benefit from such craziness, but power seeking oligarchs will.

But Republicans have too many critical thinking conservatives, juxtaposed with many who are unable to properly ask the “why now?” question.  The lust for continued power with some Republican office holders often drives them to reach across to get as-many people as they can to like them.  It becomes the fight for the heart of the right which allows these types of proposals to grow like bacteria in a septic tank.

The concentration of power within one party or the other ought not be the goal of those who truly wish to represent either side in our nation.  The endless fight for permanent dominance will result in less power by those who are governed.

That is a problem no matter one’s party affiliation.

But this cycle brings about more than the stated reasons for each of these proposals.  It may be more about bringing disunity, than it is about the radical changes these measures represent.

And we have choices.

Remaining silent is not one of them.


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  3 comments for “Discord & Disarray

  1. Sue Schwartz
    September 13, 2018 at 6:57 am

    Plainly stated. Now is the time for Drain The Swamp MI to get moving. Radio and billboards declaring:

    The Constitution does not provide for a ballot proposal to change the Electoral College system. Article II (2) states: "Each state SHALL appoint in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct. . ." (emphasis added). Therefore, this proposal is unconstitutional on its face and is NOT a 10th Amend issue.

    Thus the only issue to be changed, in my opinion, is the manner in which to direct electors to cast a ballot reflecting the vote outcome of each of their congressional districts (CD). Therefore, if a CD majority is republican, that elector must cast it's vote for the republican. Obomb, only won 5 CD's in MI, yet all 14 electoral votes were cast for him. This winner take all crap disenfranchises each and every of us.

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  2. KG One
    September 13, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    I would disagree with your statement about the timing of this couldn't be any worse.

    Their timing is just an extension of the Cloward-Piven strategy where they try to make change by overwhelming the system so it would collapse making changes towards their benefit at the end anyways..

    History isn't on their side...which is why this is good for us.

    Remember back in '12 when the tail of the ballot was chock full of proposals asking us to approve a laundry list of items from the EM law to super-majority votes for tax hikes. Yes, some of those items were commendable (i.e. supermajority tax votes & putting unions on the short leash), but in the end they all failed because, IMHO, there was too much material on the ballot for the voters to process.

    Yes, there are (currently) three ballot proposals on the ballot November 6th, but they'll still want the public input sent to the capitol critters for everything else at the same time.

    I say: Let the progressives wave as many shinny objects in front of voters as they can. We can use their help in November making sure nothing on their wish list passes.

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