Dana’s own words. . .

Interesting what one discovers on The Internet Is Forever™ but first, a brief message.

Alas! Let’s travel back to June 7, when Team Biden bootlicker Nasty Nessel was shitposting for her comrade in Wayne County.

While there are 83 counties in Michigan, her office [Kym Worthy] handles 52% of all felony cases in Michigan and 64% of all serious felony cases that go to a jury trial.

Got that so far? If not click here, when up to speed- come back.

Okay, so does anyone really believe this will get a fair shake?

Wayne County Circuit Court Chief Judge Timothy Kenny led a hearing on Wednesday about the case. He said he’ll issue a decision by noon on Friday.

What did Nasty Nessel write in her June 7 shitpost for Worthy?

With the onset of Covid-19, she meets daily with staff of Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon, Chief Judge Timothy Kenny, [FULL STOP]

Uh-huh…. tick-tock. Aaaaand, are you surprised?

Look, am not being negative here. The problem here is our candy-ass Republicans in Lansing, are NOT winning any battles by providing legitimacy to the crooked opposition. If at first you don’t succeed, keep cucking until you do concede is not a plan.

When Bathhouse Barry showed up for Joepedo in Detroit, everyone was told pointblank – voters in Detroit are not needed to be elected but, will be needed to raise hell if somehow not.

When they say it to your face: BELIEVE IT.

This is why when two good State Senators “request” things from a crooked as hell opposition that has run circles around them since April 30, 2020, it is total cringe.

Have a good weekend, folks. I’ve seen enough of this weak sauce bullshit until Monday.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    November 14, 2020 at 9:28 am

    It is mentioned elsewhere that Dana Nessel, who pointed out that Kym Worthy is in daily contact with judge Timothy Kenny on her June 7, 2020, Farcebook post that, Kenny is "incredible stupid" and a "dumb judge." Nope. All three aforementioned names are tied together and corrupt as hell.

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