Damned Straight

Schuette fights 'misleading' health care claim, attacks Whitmer's vote cutting AG rate oversight

It had to happen eventually.

The theft by BCBS of Michigan of BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars may now be looked at a little more closely. And all it took was much of that money being used to promote Gretchen Whitmer’s candidacy for governor.

Whitmer,  who’s father once ran Blue Cross, has been working the former insurer-of-last-resort for Michigan for her campaign finances.  Her actions with regard to policy have reflected the cozy connection that has existed between her and the organization that controlled over $4billion in cash reserves as Michigan’s protected underwriter.

Bill Schuette rightly called out Whitmer today for this relationship, raising so many questions about who Gretchen Whitmer has been working for.  Is it the well connected fat cats who run health care policy with billions of taxpayer funded dollars? Or is it the taxpayers, who have seen their premiums skyrocket, and insurance worsen by her actions?

Corruption is real. There is big money in healthcare.  It would be a huge mistake for anyone to assume that because she is a Democrat, that it ain’t about taking the money.

Bill Schuette on Monday:

… railed against a new health-care themed campaign ad launched by his opponent, arguing it makes false claims and points to a “growing credibility gap” for Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.

The ad alleges Schuette thinks insurance companies should “be allowed to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions,” a claim that Bridge Magazine’s Truth Squad has dubbed “misleading.”

…Joined at a Lansing press conference by several residents with health care concerns, including a paralyzed woman in a wheel chair, Schuette called the ad a “joke” and said he has “consistently” supported pre-existing coverage protections.

He also went on the offensive, criticizing Whitmer for supporting a 2013 law that allowed Blue Cross Blue Shield to convert from a charitable corporation to a non-profit mutual insurer, which also removed attorney general from overseeing health insurer rates. 

“She doesn’t have any credibility on health care,” Schuette said, echoing comments from Democratic primary rivals who had attacked Whitmer over her ties to the state’s largest insurer. Whitmer’s father used to run Blue Cross, and executives hosted a fundraiser for her in March.   

“She’s not fighting the insurance executives, she’s working for them and voted to remove attorney general oversight on Medigap, and then Medigap rates doubled.”

….Mike Pung of Alma vouched for Schuette, saying the attorney general personally called Blue Cross Blue Shield President Daniel Loepp when the insurer tried to cancel payments for private duty nursing for his paralyzed daughter in 2013.

“Can anybody look at Kali and think that isn’t a pre-existing condition,” said Pung, a past campaign contributor who Schuette said he has known for 30 years. “And guess what? I had no avenue to sue under the federal law that Obama bragged about.”

Lana Mangiapane, another Schuette supporter from Rochester Hills, said she is confident Schuette will fight for patients with pre-existing conditions like her granddaughter Faith, who has a genetic abnormality called Trisomy 18 and uses a wheel chair and walker.

“I know Bill Schuette,” Mangiapane said. “I know his character, and he cares about those who need help.”

Follow the money.

Bill Schuette is absolutely correct in pointing out the connections between her connections and the hypocrisy her ads have displayed.  I could only hope that at some point a full audit is done to determine how large the theft of ratepayer (taxpayer) money by BCBSMI truly was.

Whitmer is profiting by the ability of this organization to walk away with money that was raised for the purpose of funding irreconcilable expenses as the result of being insurer of pre-existing and last resort medical concerns.

BCBS was that ‘insurer’ under law, and received those billions from taxpayers for operating under that condition.  When the 2013 law was enacted, they skated with the biggest heist of the century.

If this doesn’t make you mad you aren’t paying attention.  Why else are there swamp forces joining with the Whitmer campaign?

Drain the swamp.



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  1. KG One
    October 9, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    You want to see more hypocrisy from Gretchen Whitmer?

    H/T West Michigan Politics.

    Need more?

    How 'bout this?

    And what do we hear from the media about this (who obviously don't have a dog in this race)?

    Hearty Michigan-Bred Crickets, that's what!

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