Covid & The CON

Legitimate concern over mandate made worse by the CON.

A couple of our favorite subjects collide.

Backstory: early in the summer, a group of concerned citizens presented the Oakland County Board of Commissioners with an
anti-discrimination resolution to ban medical discrimination (related to vaccine mandates) within the boundaries of the county. Several other counties in Michigan have successfully passed similar resolutions.

For months, the BOC has refused to vote on the resolution– resulting in an ever-growing attendance and public comment section at each meeting which the BOC has never experienced before.

This has been a testament to the mobilization of the people, but also the blatant disregard of local politicians to the people they represent. What is happening in Oakland County — specifically to the medical workers — is both inspiring and alarming.

This video from yesterday shows Katie Kirn, a nurse with the Henry Ford health system–one of the largest hospital systems in Michigan rightfully resisting the jab, but feeling pressure that she is likely to lose her job if she does not comply with their demands. The problem however, is that this particular industry is regulated and protected by the state in a way that requires her to take her decision a little more seriously.

Where else could she go?

End the CON – and this nonsense stops cold.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    August 11, 2021 at 11:40 am

    For starters the Oakland County Board of Commissioners are Democrat controlled so do understand they are going to follow pedo Biden's avatar lead for Obama's Oval Office. Secondly, there's not a goddamn job on this planet worth your life. Worrying about mortgages, student debt loans, etc., is not worth cowering over a job because the endgame to all this COVID bullshit is you're going to lose it all anyways. Look, I get it, the teary female thing is touching and all but, WhereTF are the men in this nation pounding on desks and podiums? Goddamn mice. And you all still carry on with the Back The Blue horse shit? They don't work for you. They work for them, dummies.

    Besides crying over jobs and literal Death Jabs it's a bigger game, and you all better start ratcheting it up to what's going on in France, Italy, and Germany. Remember, 2A pussie Americans, those nations don't have guns.


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